What Does It Mean To Play For an "Audience of One"?
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Even more shocking, to myself anyways, were the requirements dealing with publicity of the film.

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It goes on and on. As I read this I thought of a friend who used to work in the special events industry. She tells of a particular musician who insisted that no one turn their back on him.

How to Write For and Target the Right Audience for Your Book

People serving him had to, quite literally, walk backwards when they left the room lest they turn their back on him. Guinness discusses narcissim in the context of audience. Christians are to be motivated to serve and to please an audience of One. We are to seek the pleasure of God.

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All I can say is that the British nation will find it very hard to look up to the leaders who are detected in that somewhat ungainly posture. Because Churchill knew his mandate and sought to fill it to the best of his abilities.

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He was far from perfect. In many ways he was a troubled, rude individual.

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Sep 22, Christine rated it it was amazing. An Audience of One takes readers on a deep dive into the day-to-day life of the creative mind. What is Blinkist? Mar 02, Leonie Wise rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in If you're looking to remind yourself you're more creative, this is the book for you! In many ways he was a troubled, rude individual.

Yet he led the British nation through a dark hour and his name lives in history as the name of a great leader. It seems paradoxical, but:. Passion follows engagement, meaning follows mastery, and flow follows both.

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Who you surround yourself with, and who you work with, is of critical importance. And digital technology can be useful here, as the internet allows us to set up networks of support and virtual communities some likely exist in your field already to help us through our biggest creative challenges. Offline, we can explore different conferences and workshops to reinvigorate our creative lives on an annual basis, many of which can become a community of their own.

An Audience of One

In addition to deliberate practice, and being deliberate about whom we surround ourselves with, we must learn to be deliberate about the culture we consume. Set up a routine, make it a habit. The best short-term strategy is to have a long-term vision and goal, and the best long-term strategy is to have a short-term, everyday practice, and to design a routine that allows you work in a focused, deliberate manner.

Your overall body of work is built one day, one project at a time, by deliberate practice and dedicating yourself to the process.

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And that, in the end, is where the joy really lies. Rather than a meal to devour, it is more a series of breadcrumbs to pick up as you take a long walk through the topic. Some of those pieces can seem slightly contradictory at first.

Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake

You must be in control, yet free of constraints to explore, in tune with your inner life and creative self, yet able to make something that is accessible to others. You must be able to listen to yourself, and able to lose yourself in the work, disappear into the process. Srinivas Rao can teach you how. Srinivas Rao is a writer and host of the popular podcast Unmistakable Creative , which offers insightful interviews with an array of creative minds every week. He is driven to make the world a more artistic place by helping people listen to their creative voice. His previous books include the best-selling The Art of Being Unmistakable.

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Audience Mistake #1: They go broad instead of niche

earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards An Audience of One by Srinivas Rao. Read an Excerpt. Buy Minutes. Buy. See All Formats (2) +. An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake [Srinivas Rao] on His self-published book The Art of Being Unmistakable was a Wall Street Journal He said, "For the first twenty-two years of my life I didn't think at all, I had no.

Stay ahead of the curve with recommended reading lists curated by experts. If you have strong creative impulses, you might feel torn between the desire to stay true to your personal vision and the wish to create something with wide appeal. The greatest rewards of creativity are having a vision and then turning it into a reality. Or think of Daft Punk. The dance-music duo is so indifferent toward fame that they hide their identities behind costumes.

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Ultimately, the real reward of having your creation be well-received is that it can make it easier for you to continue creating. Start your free Blinkist trial to get unlimited access to key ideas from An Audience of One and over 3, other nonfiction titles. With bitesize text and audio , it's easier than ever to find the right ideas to transform your life. Try Blinkist for free for 7 days.