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Questions and answers in 5 categories.

For ages 7 and up. Questions taken from "The Catechism Handbook" by Fr. Oscar Lukefahr. Requires: IBM or compatible, Windows 3.

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David and Goliath - Famous Stories, Bible Quiz. Who was Goliath with, that went to make war with Israel?. Do you know the story of David & Goliath? Take this Bible quiz to find out!.

This Bible trivia game has over 1, multiple choice questions and can be played with up to three players. Ages 10 to adult. Optional: sound card.

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Additionally, kids get bonus points for finding Catholic prayers, teachings and saints in the game. The game has three different skill settings for ages 6 and up. Halloween Alternatives is filled with wholesome -- and saintly -- Halloween activities and party ideas, so that Catholic children can enjoy the innocent fun of costumes and candy.

Includes reproductive invitations, game materials and take-home leaflets, plus recipes and costume ideas. In the second battle of the adventure you become Joshua.

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Over timed levels of action to solve Bible-based questions. Up to four players or teams can compete to see who will reach Jericho first.

200 Bible Trivia Questions And Their Answers

Animated characters will chronicle your journey through over 1, questions. Ages 8 to adult. Games and surprises, including Bible trivia and memorization. Windows 3. It teaches how to work the problems, then gives exercises and will grade and keep record of scores. Requires:: Windows 3. Small children can use the "no puzzle mode" that leaves the picture in place as they match pairs.

Ages 7 and up. Over clues and 80 Bible characters in random order with game. Three styles of play, both boys and girls. Pronunciations and definitions are provided for all words, as well as puzzles, hidden shapes, sneaky birds, guess the word, and pop-up surprises.

How tall was the giant Goliath in the story of David and Goliath?

Each card contains clues in five categories with a brief definition of the word, plus a biblical reference. Players must draw or act out the clue while teammates guess the answer. Ages 10 and up. Question 5: How heavy was the tip of Goliath's spear? Question 6: Who walked ahead of Goliath? Question 7: For how many days did Goliath issue his challenge to the Israelites?

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Saul to David c. Printer Friendly Format. You must be signed in to continue. What colours of yarn were used to create the sacred ephod and breast piece worn by the high priest Aaron? How much hotter than normal did the king order the furnace fire to be?

Question 8: What did Jesse send with David to the army camp? Question 9: Which of David's elder brothers rebuked him for coming down to the battlefront? Question What animals that David protected his flocks from did he consider as the experience needed to fight Goliath? Question How many smooth stones did David take from the brook?

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Question Other than his shepherd's pouch, sling and stones what else did David take with him to face Goliath? Question Who did Goliath say he would give David's flesh to? Question Where did David strike Goliath with a stone from his sling? Question What weapon does the Bible say David did not need to kill Goliath? Question What did David do with Goliath's sword after pulling it out of its sheath?

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Question What did the Philistines do when they realised that Goliath was dead? Question Where did David place Goliath's armour after the battle? Question What was David holding in his hand when Abner brought him to Saul after the battle? Try 10 Random Bible Questions!

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