Verglühte Schatten: Roman (German Edition)

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Here is a picture of the banner my mother-in-law prepared herself for her funeral. This banner was hanging at the entrance of the hall wherein people could pay her their last respect. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this? Here a picture of the flower arrangement.

The Russians develop a new plant which delivers a pretty good oil - but the plant can also walk and lash out at people and is carnivorous. Bill Masen is stung by such a plant and lays in hospital with his eyes bandaged. When he takes off his bandages he can see again - but everybody had become blind.

Some people believe that the debris of a comet blinded everybody who watched these green celestial fires, only a few did not see them and did not become blind end of the world and trying to rebuild it. A good SF with some sociological talk about society. Have a wonderful Easter. Thanks so much for sharing those photos, Paul. I wish you and your family a relaxed weekend. Paul, wishing you and Suki a blessed Easter, health, and comfort in your loss! Suki is coming to turns with the loss of her mother.

We would like to find something better for her cancer treatment than the chemotherapy fighting illness with poison - but there are not exactly alternatives. Etienne de Bremont is found dead at the bottom of his catle - apparently fallen out from the loft. But that looks unlikely and then his brother is also killed. Judge Verlaque is asked to investigate and he asks his ex, professor Bonnet, to help him. An easy read with a lot talking about food, wine, and relationships. A young woman is found dead in her flat, bitten by a snake - but she has only constrictor snakes in her terrarium and now the police finds a poisonous snake in there, too.

Then a man is killed by scaring his horse when he was riding in the forest. Both work in the Evangelical Church - is that the connection between these two victims? The pastor of the local church is asked to investigate. A nice mystery with some Biblical references - and a librarian among the team of detectives. It has its length but a good German read. Zimmermann was a life and economics reformer.

We are shaped by the past our family, our genes, our country history etc. The freedom of our willlies in our decision, to make the best of our fate, to grew inwardly and help others to be guided in one's own heart by the best powers. And so we change the course of our destiny.

Thus we get a new charisma. Good persons, and good peoples, will like us and will help us more. The 2nd talk is more or less about the same: As one needs the sunlight, so one needs the light of love inside of oneself. And the last talk is about helping each other during the war: As a soldier he went to farmers in the neighborhood of his post during the war and helped the women whose men are somewhere else at the front during his spare time.

Reading Swiss German is not easy Annie Proulx. Quoyle's wife left him and was killed in a car accident. He then returns with his two daughters to the ancestral home in Newfoundland. So far, basically everything went wrong what he did. He starts a new life with writing ship news in the local newspaper. Basically a character study of a failure who develops. An interesting description of a life in a remote, crude area. Winging best wishes and healing thoughts to Suki and yourself and I trust that the cancer treatment, though unpalatable, is effective. Thank you very much, Paul, for thinking about us and your kind words here.

Wishing you a relaxed weekend, Paul. Suki is in my thoughts. Thank you, Barbara. Suki had to go to the hospital on Friday because of pain in the neck and the shoulder. It's better now; they couldn't do anything apart from giving some medication. She started a little group of Korean and Latin American women to help them to communicate better in German. Now she will take part in a course given by Wycliffe on how to teach German to refugees - a big job at the moment.

It's so important. Sorry to hear about her pain. I hope it won't increase. She will be doing a good job in listening and understanding some of these women. Herself a foreigner knows what kind of cultural clashes can come upon refugees here. A collection of six sermons by this German pastor. He talks about faith, marriage, sin, and salvation. One sermon is entitled: Wie kann Gott das zulassen? How can God let things like that happen? He points out that we humans are very proud of all the technical achievements which are 'good' but as soon as something bad turns out of something we blame God for it.

There were so many Germans who hailed Hitler for his achievements and then blamed God for all the bad which came from Hitler and his ideas. Living without God as long as everything goes well and then make God responsible for the bad things which came out of this godless life?

Very good, thought provoking sermons. His most famous collection of sermons is Jesus unser Schicksal. He has the same name as the author of Max and Moritz so not to be confused. How kind of your wife to be teaching refugees and sharing her experiences. I hope her treatment is going well. Simon Polt is helping some neighbors to harvest grapes during a cold night in December order to get a good ice wine. When pressing the grapes they find a corpse inside the winepress.

Simon is the local inspector in this Austrian village and so has to take on all the necessary steps to secure the crime scene and then investigate. He is more the type to chat with everybody in the village and thus getting all the information for solving the case - and not the office type who is strictly following police procedure A mystery with a lot of Austrian charm and some insights into wine growing. A young guy is landing on an island after a shipwreck, he is an unlucky wretch. But on the island a fairy bestows him with magic items: a wand to turn everything into gold, a trumpet to call an army, and a cloak to transport him to his desired place.

But the daughter of the island king steals all the items because he is a fool and fell in love with her A hilarious Austrian play, first given in Vienna in That's actually the first play Raimund wrote himself, he was an actor, then didn't get a new play when he needed one, so he wrote one himself - clever. A youg Swiss family with five kids are having problems with their business and so escape to Eilat in Israel.

There the husband works as a welder in Solomon's mines Timna. They learn modern Hebrew and how to behave in a Jewish society, the children start kindergarten and school there. A simple story of life of a family in a foreign land. I just found that book: pictures of hair saloons in Switzerland. It reminded me of my own collection of such pictures: only two of 'mine' are represented in the book pictures.

Not much to read but much to see. Schlachter was a preacher and Bible translator he 'wrote' the Die Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments and gave a lecture on the purpose and task of preaching. Preaching a sermon is still needed nowadays, one cannot replace it. But the preacher needs to believe in the Bible and listen to God for instructions and content of his sermon.

The sermon is given in order to preach the Gospel, the good news of God's words and deeds passed and future. He then got acquainted with the landlady, the butcher's wife, who tells him of her time during Nazi Germany: her butcher's shop became the 'Jew's Butcher', the only shop in town where Jews were allowed to buy meat on Fridays o'clock only the Jews were allowed to use public transport, and their rations were far too small actually.

Walker didn't know anything about Jews or Jewish but she learnt by listening to them, first skeptically but then more and more sympathetic. She met the formerly affluent, the widows whose men were already taken away, the Rabbi who prayed in the shop, the pregnant women who became the target of some young Nazis Happy weekend, Paul.

Thank you, Barbara, it was a quiet weekend - working Saturday morning and enjoying a great church service today. Suki had the second part of her teaching-German-to-foreigners-course on Saturday. A Japanes shounen manga manga for 'boys' , Yoshimori is a 9-year-old school boy who has the gift to destroy evil spirits who come to the city during the night. So, he is on night duty every night, together with Tokine, an year-girl who has the same gift. But their families are enemies. The girl is has more understanding but the boy has more power in his spells.

Nice Japanese tale That manga was given to me by one of our apprentices in the library. She is a big fan of manga and cosplay. I told her about LT and the TIOLI challenge to read a manga - she has several hundred such books at home and was very pleased to bring me something to read : and she told me about the difference between shounen boys and shoujo girls manga. A Belgian mystery. Inspector Hoffmann suffers from the oncoming winter, he has a 'snow allergy', he tells himself, and fights an oncoming cold.

But his former superior wants him to take on a delicate case: his niece has disappeared and now Hoffmann should investigate - careful, silent, and quick. A bit a weird story, and a style, I don't like much: The Inspector always talks to himself, so the whole story is told from that perspective. What do you make of it, Monsieur Stalder?

You sense the coming headache A large picture book Nicely showing the machinery and the processes the wool is going through. The 2nd part of this demon bashing manga. The two young heroes are still no friends during day time in school but work together during the night against the incoming demons. Light reading. But now shows the Shadow Government up and plays a role which is difficult to understand, but I think mangas are not to be understood.

You're the only one who has taken me up on my challenge until now who has read more than one volume of any series. I wrote a lot about my reactions to manga on this thread. I've found some I liked and some I didn't. I've enjoyed my exploration of this new-to-me genre and can see myself reading more of it in the future. I hope you've enjoyed this foray into a whole new genre! It's been different. I was hesitant at first to put this out as a challenge, but now I'm happy I did.

I'm not so sure about the others who took me up on tis challenge, though! That was very nice of your library apprentice! What do you mean by this? Is it that some parts of it are confusing? I find that as well in some of the manga I'm reading. Yes, we have a very nice apprentice. She had to store a few boxes of mangas in the basement, which hurts her. I tried to discuss the Kekkaishi with her but she is pretty shy and doesn't dare to contradict or correct me on that subject. She is writing her own fan fiction based on some school mangas. She is more into shoujo, but was eager to bring me her best shounen manga.

I think mangas are not to be understood. Well, Kekkaishi plays apparently in a Japanese school which is visited by demons. But the connections between the two worlds are not explained. The same goes for the powers and spells of the humans and the demons. Where does this power come from? How come some can use it others not? If the place gives one all the power one needs, how can one get exhausted and have less power when others are getting stronger every minute? Then comes this shadow cabinet - shadow of what? Questions like these would be interesting to discuss with the author - but are probably unanswerable.

I appreciate your advice. I won't! One reason I can see for the authors not explaining everything is, if the series becomes popular, there would be lots of questions to be answered in future volumes! I don't do this with other books. In fact, when The Green Mile , a novel by Stephen King came out in small volumes, I waited until I could get all of the volumes at once before reading that book!

Would you recommend it? How is Korean manga different from Japanese manga? But the powers around don't let that be and so he is involved because he is very strong and is a fighter when attacked. I don't know enough about mangas in order to answer your question. The main differences between Kekkaishi and Sun and Moon are the drawings: the Japanese characters are more 'soft', the Korean more 'crude'.

The Japanese one is for young men, the Korean for older men, both are fighting stories with heroes which have their own problems and both have some humorous scenes. Read them, there are only 3 volumes, and the fighting stories are quite fascinating - but don't ask too many whys, understand the flow of the story but the way of each fight and act.

The first appearance of Simon Polt. The most hated man of this little village north of Vienna is found dead in his wine cellar. Apparently died of fermentation gas of the young wine. But how and where exactly did the gas come from? A story of men and their world in the wine cellars of Austria. Intriguing story with a good description of rural life in the Wine District of Austria. I will have a look out for these mangas in our local library - but I've got some other books, I should read first Happy Sunday, Paul.

Interesting conversation about Manga. It is a genre about which I am not knowledgable, but am trying to learn. The format is not the problem for me. I have trouble with the story lines, so what both of you have said is helpful to me. I used to look at them in the library and enjoy the pictures. So Madeline's challenge challenged me to actually read one properly - so far, so good. Walter was a Methodist pastor, married with four children. Then one day, the doctors diagnosed cancer by Heidi, his wife. Then chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. Walter writes down his thoughts during these three years she lived after the diagnosis.

He studied dying etc during his theological training but now it became personal and practical. The question 'Why us? She finds some answer in the Bible, in praying and listening to God, and she finds encouragement for herself and her family to believe in His words: he saved her and promised her a future in his presence. The family as a whole trusted this foundation of the Christian faith and kept them together. Not an easy book but very encouraging. It tells his experiences as sad as they were but also gives hints of how and where to find spiritual help.

I received that book as a gift by the author and his second wife during the time my father way dying. It is much more helpful now than it was then. And I called her yesterday and learned that Walter died three years ago. I never met Walter but I remember his second wife with whom I exchanged English dictionaries: She had this huge volume ans she swapped it for my pocket dictionary. And I used her book during my studies in England and it is still around.

Yoshimori, now 14, and Tokine still fight demons during the night. Yoshimori started to practice more but still is not so good in organizing his strength. Now, an old demon hound, an old friend of his own demon hound, appears and threatens the place. Both hounds were real dogs which one day died and lieve as demon dogs now. And Yoshimori applies a new technique: throwing power strings coming out of his hand in order to hold his enemies. There are now some more backgound facts about the characters.

How many volumes does this series have? Are you going to read all of them? They are such fun to read! He also brought me another series by the same author , thinking I might like that series as well. I might never get back to literary fiction! So I will read number 4 and then either change or I would have to buy them myself our library doesn't have them anymore.

I like reading manga, but I think I will quite easily 'get back' to literary fiction : You don't have to fear that you stay beached with manga - especially when you think about next month's challenge : or do you plan to make another manga challenge? Definitely not! I now need a challenge like; "Read a book that is NOT manga!

Now an older brother of Yoshimori appears who is more versatile in the kekkai arts but is not the designated heir I will have to consult my son Kyran, Paul, in order to make a contribution to your Manga comments. I will confine myself momentarily therefore to wishing you a wonderful weekend. A Swiss graphic novel. A draftsman discovers his great-grandmother's dairy and so tells us the story of the three generations in Schaffhausen near the Rhine Fall. His grandfather was a comb maker, his father wanted to become an artist, one who draws for news papers and magazines but his parents didn't let him do that, so became a businessman Quite different from Japanese and Korean manga.

It happens to be the best pupil of that college on the way to Princeton or another elite university. Then her house and she herself gets attacked. Who is behind all that? An easy read with some cooking recipes of the goodies she prepares for her work. I didn't try them. He said his favourite series is "Bleach". Have a great weekend, Paul. Now she is no longer interested in art very much, but I hang onto her pictures! They're really very good. I'll look for Bleach. I'm still hooked on reading two of the manga series I've started, and my older son gave me another series to try when I finish these two.

I'm willing to give it a go. I will ask our apprentice if she has 'Bleach' in her collection. Tanner is now a retired policeman but is still helping his friend. He meets a man at the railway station of his local village Faoug at the Lake of Morat , without coat during winter time.

He senses that this man has had a difficult and sad past. He claims to have been innocently in prison in Spain. A weird detective story with links to Africa, the Foreign Legion, a sect which claims to zap the energy from outer space, a priest who has served in Africa, a prostitute in Geneva An entertaining read but not fascinating. The salamander is a symbol for being cleansed by fire.

Olaf is a normal elk except for his antler shovels - they are far too large, he has to walk sideways through the forest. That makes him to an outsider until one day he meets Santa Claus A humorous children story. Olaf is born Olaf is clumsy. Olaf breaks a shovel Olaf meets Santa Claus. Toru Honda is an orphan and camps outside town. Then she meets a schoolmate who takes her to his home. There they have a community of people who change into animals of the Chinese zodiac when hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

Funny idea, a typical shoujo manga. I wonder how easy it would be to find this one. England has some very peaceful spots, I really enjoyed. At least my experiment with manga succeeded so well. I'm glad that I found it entertaining. Now I can share some reads with my older son. I'm sure there will be series that will be disagreeable to one or the other of us, but at least we'll have some series that we'll both be able to enjoy.

I have found this experience so much fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. Others enjoyed? You're bound to get me into yet another manga series. I know just where to get Fruits Basket now. I saw the series at my local Friends of the Library book store. Toru Honda is now living with the Soma family and gets to know more of them. One changes into a sea horse when hugged : representing the dragon ion the zodiac. Toru's classmates get jealous about her living with the best looking student under one roof. I've been doing a lot of that lately!

You just pick up one book and finish it in a short sitting. Volume 2, I see! I just finished ES; Eternal Sabbath which had eight volumes. I'm so sad that this series ended, although the ending was good. I got really attached to the characters. The characters sort of grow on you, if you like them. Yes, that is my experience, too. A play premiered in in Weggis at the Lake of Lucerne written by a local hotelier.

A man was charged with setting fire to his neighbor's house. He was several years in prison and now came back and worked day jobs in the village and on the alps. The mayor is still angry at him and doesn't allow the man to come back. A funny play about life in an alpine village during the war. Families fighting each other, a town meeting fighting electricity, an invalid coming back from the trenches in France.

There are several Wilhelm Busche, this is the 'Max and Moritz one. Helene grows up in the city but then should go to the countryside to her uncle and aunt because the cities are too wicked for a young girl. But her first act when arriving there is sewing the sleeves and the neck of her uncle's pajamas Later she develops a tendency to drink liquor but tries to live pious. A humorous but pretty realistic picture of society. Yuki and Kyo are always fighting each other well, one turns into a cat the other into a rat And they take the school marathon competition as a personal fight.

But another member from the Soma family stops them: he puts a rope over the street and makes the two falling So, another member of this changeling family is introduced. Toru is still the lively always smiling hero Hofmann composed a choir piece with this German poem about a seafarer going out to sea to find his bride, a 'daughter of the seas, guarded by demons'. He wins her but the gods of the storms attack the ship and all drown Robin is new born robin who tries to sing, but his voice is untrained so he is laughed at by the others. But the choir leader takes care of him A nice tale of animals caring for each other and showing how important it is to train and educate young ones.

A nice little city guide for children. It gives a short historical introduction to Vienna and then gives details for 7 city tours, pointing out important and fun things on the way. Very useful for a family outing. I love Die fromme Helene. A new figure, Ayama shows up and a heart breaking story about Momiji is told.

The Ayama humour is a bit weird. But Toru is enjoying herself and is getting a quiet influence on the Soma brothers. I'm glad I'm not the only one on LT reviewing more than one book in a manga series. My son introduced me to the series Fullmetal Alchemist which I started last night. Its theme seems to be religion versus science so I told my son I'd like to read more books in that series. He told me there were 20 books in the series, but here on LT I see that there are more like 30 books in that series.

What did I get myself into?! I still find that interesting when our kids recommend a book or author to me. I try to get hold of it and read it - even when it sounds awful to me. That gives good discussions about all sorts of literature. Did your son read all the 20 books of the series? I'll have to ask him. I'm not sure I'm sold on this entire series, though.

The further I got into that first volume, the less I liked it. I'll try a couple more volumes before I decide whether or not to go through all of the volumes he has. We were driving around yesterday, looking for a dry place. Then we happen to see a huge church on the slopes to the left of our road. It happened to be during a dry spell, so we stopped and went visiting this church. The church and monastery is dedicated to St.

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Trudpert - I never heard of that Irish saint before. He came around to the Black Forest. There was an interesting fountain in front of the monastery: a crying stone figure. The water dripping out of its eyes into the hands below. Love the sunset pictures - and the sculpture is fascinating. I've not seen one in that style before.

I visited a Japanese garden today and there were some beautiful stone sculptures I'd not noticed the last time I visited. Would love to know more about them - time to find a book! It was a fascinating fountain figure. Hope, you find your book :. A collection of legends and tales of Lower Austria. A lot of devils and demons around there. Some people behave very bad and then are punished for that and suffer similar sorrows or die suddenly. Some people are treated nicely by demons and given the advice not to tell anybody where their fortune comes from, but Good reading.

Mongolia in the 13th century. A year-old girl is married to a year-old boy of a a neighbouring clan. She is well trained in hunting and other things, he is still a child. But the clan of the girl wants her back and makes an unfriendly visit. Not a romance but a historical tale of clan life. Shuken's mother is the concubine of the king and has to escape from his relatives. He is sent to a Buddhist temple as a child and gets the name Suken as a monk. He later leaves that temple and follows another master and gets another name: Sojun.

A historical manga from middle aged Japan. A lot of historical and Buddhist references. It's a bit complicated to differentiate the different sects of Buddhism in Japan. Shuken wants to be a good monk but also realizes that his nature and the monks around him are still defiled by worldly thinking. You really are getting the books finished this year Paul. I look forward to seeing what brings up the ton. Have a wonderful weekend. I must confess, that I do not spend much time on other threads in LT at the moment. Interesting discussion but no solution presented. The political and economic interests are so much stronger than human sufferings.

We recently made some fish with Korean vegetables and Korean beer: -. Oh, I love your fish dish, Paul and I'm jealous that you could attend a podium discission with Jean Ziegler. They are going to broadcast it on telebasel. I didn't go yesterday when Charles Lewinsky and Julia Onken came. I like Lewinsky's book and Onken is an interesting person, too. Didn't you have got time to see them? I had another meeting on Wednesday presenting the new statutes in a Verein and I am working today, so I already did make bread and gipfeli, got fresh fruits and vegetables, and now I should open the shop to feed all the hungry people here : I met Lewinsky in Bern in a wikipedia working session some time ago.

Good luck. Sie lachte gar und wurde rot. Was, was hast du gesprochen? Genugtuung, mein Herr, verlange ich! Da er verweigert dies zu tun, so hab ich kurzerhand ihn nun gefordert. Gerade hier in meinem Hause! Mein ist die Schuld, umsonst alle Reue, beklagen muss ich, was geschah. Ich bin beleidigt und ich muss mich schlagen.

Von Eifersucht bewegt bebt mein Herz in der Brust. Ich sterbe, mir sagt es das Schlagen des Herzens, doch ich will nicht klagen. Ach, leicht erregt ist Eifersucht, der kleinste Anlass sie entfacht, ein Wort, ein Blick kann Grund ihr geben. Nun werden sie sich beide schlagen, hab ich nicht dazu beigetragen?

Ach, rasch erregt ist Eifersucht, der kleinste Anlass sie entfacht, ein Wort, ein Blick kann Grund ihr geben. Was wird man nun sagen, wenn beide sich schlagen? Gar leicht erregt ist Eifersucht, der kleinste Anlass sie entfacht. Nur streiten und schlagen will beiden behagen. Oh, welch ein Ende nimmt dies Fest! Ein Zank entspinnt sich gar zu schnell, und morgen gibt es ein Duell. Eine Lektion verdienen Sie - zur Bessrung! Tatjana weint still vor sich hin. Lasst uns den Zweikampf verhindern. Es darf nicht geschehen, dass Blut hier fliesse.

Wir werden's nicht dulden, so trennt doch die beiden. Saretzki geht ungeduldig auf und ab. Wird er kommen? Mein Blick vermag nicht zu durchdringen, was mir verbirgt der Zukunft Schoss. Was frag ich? Von Gott kommt alles, wie's auch sei. Wie bald vergisst die Welt! Doch du gedenkst noch mein, wenn ich im Grabe ruh. Ja, kommen wirst du, weinen, klagen und denken: mir war einst geweiht die Liebe seiner Jugendzeit. Ach, Olga, dich hab ich geliebt! O komm zu mir, geliebtes Herz, dein Trauter ruft, er harrt der holden Braut! O komm, o komm! Doch wer ist sein Begleiter? Mir unbekannt. Als Sekundant bin ich Pedant, ich halt vor allem auf Methode.

Mir widerstebt's, dass umgebracht ein Mitmensch werd' im Unbedacht. Mein Sekundant steht hier: Monsieur Guillot! Ich hoffe, man hat nichts dagegen, obwohl er Ihnen unbekannt. Er ist zwar nicht von Rang und Adel, doch sonst ein Bursche sonder Tadel. Guillot verbeugt sich, Saretzki erwidert.

Seit wann droht unserm Bunde der Feindschaft heisser Durst nach Blut! Wie umnachtet von falschem Hass ein jeder trachtet nach seines einst'gen Freundes Blut. Und Tod sinnt jeder von uns beiden. Nein, nein, nein, nein! Alles vollzieht sich schweigend. Guillot verbirgt sich furchtsam hinter einem Baum. Onegin erhebt, vortretend, die Pistole; gleichzeitig zielt auch Lenski. Onegin schiesst zuerst. Saretzki eilt zu Lenski und betrachtet ihn. Die Paare treten zur Polonaise an. Andere bilden Gruppen und stehen, sich unterhaltend,beieinander. Ich fand Zerstreuung nicht noch Amt, vergeudete mit Nichtstun meine Zeit.

Es trieb mich fort, ich musste Scheiden, den eignen Herd hiess es mich meiden, da drohend mit erhobner Hand des Toten Schatten vor mir stand. Ich irrte planlos durch die Fremde, an keinem Ort hielt es mich lang, und da mein Reisen mir misslang, macht' ich der Fahrt ein rasches Ende. Den Frieden, den ich nirgends fand, ihn such ich nun im Vaterland.

Da ist sie, o sehet! Sie setzte dort sich an den Tisch. Es kann nicht sein, sie kann's nicht sein! Ich stell dich vor, wenn's dir beliebt. Wie konnt' ich's ahnen! Seit wann denn? Seid Ihr bekannt? Onegin, dir kann ich's vertrauen, unsagbar liebe ich Tatjanen. O nein! Ich kehrte wieder von langen Reisen. Lieb ich am Ende gar aufs neu? Er entfernt sich. Der Tanz, eine Ekossaise, beginnt aufs neue.

Heut kommt Onegin, bedroht mit diesem Brief den kaum errungnen Frieden. Oh, wie sein feurig Aug' die Seele mir bewegt, heimliches Sehnen sich im bangen Herzen regt. Ich will mit Ihnen offen reden. Oh, so habt Erbarmen. Ein Irrtum war es. Sie stiessen mich mit kaltem Blut hinweg von sich. Zu schlicht war Ihnen mein harmlos kindlich Herz erschienen. Ja, ja, mein Freund, Sie waren hart! Jetzt aber? Doch Sie nicht klag ich an. Sie taten wie ein Ehrenmann in jener Stunde, Sie zeigten sich nur ehrlich, wahr.

Wie kalt ward ich damals behandelt, wie haben Sie mich tief verletzt. Bin ich denn anders nun, verwandelt? Warum verfolgen Sie mich jetzt? Weil mein Gemahl mich reich gemacht? Ist's nicht vielmehr, weil in der grossen Welt sich eh'r Triumphe zu verbreiten pflegen zur Schmach der Frau, und Sie dies reizt, Ihr Wunsch nach solchem Ruhme geizt?

Es scheint mein Flehen ihren Zorn zu wecken. Ihr strenges Auge mag vielleicht nur Arglist, Heuchelei entdecken, wo ich mich, wie ich bin, gezeigt. Unwiderruflich bin ich gebunden. Ihre Pflicht ist jetzt, zu gehn, mich zu verlassen. Wir sollten uns trennen? Ich soll jetzt gehn! Er ist vor Tatjana niedergesunken und hat ihre Hand ergriffen. Ja, noch lieb ich dich! Welch holdes Wort entfloh den Lippen? O Wonne, Seligkeit! Ja, so bist du Tatjana wieder!

In Gremins Hand liegt mein Geschick. Ihm schwur ich Treue am Altar, sie will ich halten immerdar. Die Seele, willenlos getrieben, will sich daran berauschen. An meinem Herzen sei fortan dein Platz! Komm, verlass dies Haus! In Einsamkeit, fern von der Welt, lass uns entfliehn. Nein, niemals, nein! Sie entflieht. O welch hartes Los! On the left a house with a terrace; on the right, a shady tree. It is early evening. Madame Larina is sitting under the tree making jam on qa portable stove; Filipyevna is helping her. The doors leading from the house onto the terrace are open and the voices of the two girls, singing a duet, can be heard coming from within.

When, at the morning hour, the fields lay silent, the music of the pipe, simple and sad, have you not heard? Do you remember? I used to sing it too.

The duet continues as the older women chat and reminisce. Ah, Richardson! Did you not sigh? Why, he was a fine dandy, a gambler and an ensign in the Guards! I nearly left my husband! Here you busied yourself with the household, became resigned and settled down. Yes, that is how it is: Habit is sent us from above, in place of happiness. Habit is sent us from above, in place of happiness.

Hyperion and Selected Poems (German Library)

Yes, that is how it is: habit is sent us from above, in place of happiness. The singing of an approaching band of peasants is heard in the distance. Ache from walking. My ardent heart aches from caring. I don't know what to do, how to forget my sweetheart. My swift little feet, etc. The peasant band enters, the leaders bearing a decorated sheaf. Greetings, your ladyship, greetings, benefactress! We come before your Grace bearing the decorated sheaf!

The harvest is all gathered in! Now make merry! I'm pleased to see you all. Sing us something jolly! Come, let's entertain the lady. Now, girls, stand in a ring! Come along now, all get ready! The girls form a circle and dance around the sheaf. During the singing, Tatyana and Olga come out onto the balcony. PEASANTS One day across the bridge, the little bridge, along the hazel planks, Vayinu, vayinu, vayinu, vayinu, along the hazel planks, came a fine young fellow, fresh and ruddy as a raspberry, Vayinu … fresh and ruddy as a raspberry.

Over his shoulder he carries a cudgel, under one coat-skirt he carries bagpipes, Vayinu … under one coat-skirt he carries bagpipes, under the other is a fiddle. Now just you guess, my dearest, Vayinu … Now just you guess, my dearest. The sun has set, aren't you asleep, then? Vayinu … In my shabby little blouse and my short skirt!

Don't you grumble at me, etc. You're always dreaming! But I am quite unlike you, I feel merry when I hear singing. Why should I sigh, when full of happiness, my youthful days flow gently by? I am carefree and full of fun, and everyone calls me a child! For me life will always, always be sweet, and I shall retain, as I always have, light-hearted confidence, be playful, carefree, merry! I was not made for melancholy sighing, etc. Filipyevna and Tatyana have moved away from the others. Hey, Tanyusha! Is anything the matter?

You're not ill, are you? Go over to the annexe. Goodbye, my friends! They leave, accompanied by Filipyevna. Tatyana sits down on the steps of the terrace and becomes engrossed in her book.

Eugen Onegin

Indeed, my dear, you're very pale. It's very interesting, this book I'm reading. The account of the torments suffered by these true lovers moves me; I'm so sorry for them, poor things! Oh, how they suffer, how they suffer! I used to get upset, just like you, when I read such books. It's only fiction. As the years went by, I came to see that there are no heroes in real life. Now I take things calmly. OLGA You shouldn't take things quite so calmly!

Look, you've forgotten to take off your apron! Supposing Lensky should arrive, what then? Mme Larina hastily removes her apron. Someone's coming, it's him! Onegin is with him! People will talk! Gracious, my cap's on crooked! OLGA Have them shown in, then! Filipyevna bustles out. The others, in extreme excitement, prepare to receive the guests. Lensky and Onegin are shown in. I've taken the liberty of bringing a friend along.

May I introduce Onegin, my neighbour. These are my daughters. I love this garden, so shady and secluded, one is so comfortable here! I'll go and see to things in the house to the girls You entertain our guests. I won't be long. She leaves, making a sign to Tatyana not to be shy. Lensky and Onegin walk over to the right, conversing; Tatyana and Olga stand on the opposite side, soliloquizing. I'm very curious to know. I know, I know that this is he! OLGA Oh, I knew, I knew that the appearance of Onegin would make a great impression on everyone and give the neighbours plenty to talk about!

Her face is as round and rosy … LENSKY … wave and rock, poetry and prose, ice and flame, are not as different as we are! OLGA Everyone will start to whisper, joke, judge - not without malice! OLGA … Tanya's suitor! Lensky approaches Olga. I see you once again! An eternity! OLGA Eternity! What a dreadful word!

Olga and Lensky stroll off into the garden. ONEGIN to Tatyana Tell me, is it not dreadfully boring for you here in the depths of the country, which, though lovely, is so far away? I don't suppose you get much amusement. I used to be the same at one time. They stroll away; Olga and Lensky return. Always, everywhere, one dream alone, one constant longing, one insistent sadness!

As a boy I was captivated by you, when heartache was still unknown; I witnessed, with tender emotion, your childish games. Beneath the grove's protecting boughs I shared those games. Ah, I love you, I love you with that love known only to a poet's heart. For you alone I dream. I love you, I love you, eternally, and nothing - not the chilling distance, the hour of parting, nor pleasure's clamour - can quench that heart aflame with love's virgin fire! OLGA In rural tranquillity … … we grew up together; and do you remember how our parents destined us, even as children, for cach other?

Mme Larina and Filipyevna come out onto the terrace. It has grown darker, and within minutes night will have fallen. But wherever has Tanya got to? Filipyevna leaves. To Lensky. Please come in.


Tatyana and Onegin return, followed by Filipyevna who is trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. Tatyana is still painfully shy. ONEGIN My uncle was a man of the highest principels; when he finally took to his bed he forced the respect of all and it was the best thing he could do. May others profit from his example! But, my God, what a bore it was, sitting by an invalid day and night, never daring to move a step away! She's dread fully shy!

I wonder! Suppose she's taken a fancy to this new young man? Tatyana, in a white nightdress, is sitting before her mirror, lost in thought. Filipyevna stands beside her. It's time for bed, Tanya, I'll wake you early for mass; go to sleep quickly. Open the window and come and sit by me. Filipyevna opens the window and sits on a chair near Tatyana. Let's talk about the old days. I used to know any number of old tales and fairy stories about evil spirits and beautiful maidens, but now my memory's gone: I've forgotten all I knew, that's a fact! I'm getting old.

In those days one didn't talk of love, or my late mother-in-law would have chased me from the face of the earth! My Vanya was even younger than me, my love, and I was only thirteen! For a week or two the marriage broker kept calling on my parents, and finally my father gave his consent. I cried bitterly with fright; I wept when they undid my maiden plait and led me with songs to the church. And I found myself installed in a strange family … But you're not listening to me! Let me sprinkle you with holy water. You're feverish. Give me a pen and some paper, nurse, and move the table up; I'll soon go to bed.

Filipyevna does as Tatyana has asked, then shuts the window, draws the curtains and kisses her good night. Tatyana remains sunk in thought, then rises in a state of great agitation with an expression of determination on her face. Life's sweetness is known to me! I drink the magic potion of desire! I am beset by visions! Everywhere, everywhere I look, I see my fatal tempter! Wherever I look, I see him! She goes to the writing table, sits down, writes, then pauses. No, that's all wrong!

I'll begin again! I'm all on fire! I don't know how to begin! She writes, then pauses and reads it over. What more is there to say? Now, I know, it is within your power to punish me with disdain! But if you nourish one grain of pity for my unhappy lot, you will not abandon me. At first I wished to remain silent; then, believe me, you would never have known my shame, never! O yes, I swore to lock within my breast this avowal of a mad and ardent passion. Alas, I have not the strength to subdue my heart! Come what may, I am prepared! I will confess all! He shall know all! She writes.

LEGO NINJAGO SCHATTEN DES RONIN #018 Das Finale + Ende 🐲 Let's Play Shadow of Ronin [Deutsch]

Buried in this remote countryside, I should never have known you, nor should I have known this torment. The turbulence of a youthful heart, calmed by time, who knows? No, not to any other in the world would I have given my heart! It is decreed on high, It is the will of heaven: I am yours! My whole life has been a pledge of this inevitable encounter; I know this: God sent you to me, you are my keeper till the grave! You appeared before me in my dreams; as yet unseen, you were already dear, your wondrous gaze filled me with longing, your voice resounded in my heart long ago … no, it was no dream!

As soon as you arrived, I recognized you, I almost swooned, began to blaze with passion, and to myself I said: 'Tis he! I know it! I have heard you … Have you not spoken to me in the silence when I visited the poor or sought in prayer some solace for the anguish of my soul? And just this very moment, was it not you, dear vision, that flamed in the limpid darkness, stooped gently at my bedside and with joy and love whispered words of hope? She returns to the table and sits down again to write.

My guardian angel or a wily tempter? Put my doubts at rest. Maybe this is all an empty dream, the self? But so be it! My fate henceforth I entrust to you; in tears before you, your protection I implore, I implore. Imagine: I am all alone here! No one understands me! I can think no more, and must perish in silence! I wait for you, I wait for you! Speak the word to revive my heart's fondest hopes or shatter this oppressive dream with, alas, the scorn, alas, the scorn I have deserved!

She goes swiftly to the table, hurriedly finishes the letter and signs and seals it. It's too frightening to read over, I swoon from shame and fear, but his honour is my guarantee and in that I put my trust! She goes to the window and draws aside the curtains. The room is immediately flooded with a rosy dawnlight.

A shepherd's pipe is heard in the distance. Ah, night is past, everything is awake … and the sun is rising. The shepherd is playing his pipe … Everything is peaceful. While I … I … The door opens softly and Filipyevna enters the room. Get up! Why, you're up already, my pretty one! My little early bird! I was so anxious last night … Well, my child, thank God you're well! Not a trace of last night's upset. Your cheeks are red as poppies! TATYANA Then, send your grandson, on the quiet, with this note to O … to that … to our neighbour, and tell him not to breathe a word and not to mention my name.

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I'm not as bright as I was! We've lots of neighbours round about, do you want me to go through them all? Which one do you mean? Talk sense! What do I want with your wits? You know how slow I am. You know I'm slow! Go and send your grandson! The nurse takes the letter, and after some hesitation, finally signifies that she understands and leaves.

Tatyana sits at the table and, resting her elbows upon it, again becomes lost in thought. Thick lilac and acacia bushes, neglected flower beds and an old wooden bench. Servant girls, picking fruit in the background, sing as they work. Trip merrily, my friends, and sing a song, a favourite song to lure a handsome lad to join our dance!

When the handsome lad is lured, when he approaches us, let's run away, my friends, pelting him with cherries, with cherries, with berries, with redcurrants! Don't you come eavesdropping on our favourite songs, don't you come spying on our girlish play! Pretty maidens, etc. The servant girls move off, their singing dies away. Tatyana enters, running quickly, and sinks exhausted onto the bench.

He's here, Eugene! Dear God! Dear God, what must he have thought? What will he say? Oh why did I obey my aching heart alone, and, lacking all self control, write him that letter! Indeed, my heart now tells me that my fatal tempter will only laugh at me! Oh my God! How miserable I am, how contemptible! Footsteps … they are drawing closer … Yes, it is he, it is he! Onegin enters. Tatyana leaps to her feet and stands with lowered head as he approaches.

Don't deny it. I have read the avowal of a trusting heart, the outpouring of an innocent love; your candour touched me deeply. It has stirred feelings long since dormant. I won't commend you for this, But I will repay you with an equally guileless avowal. Hear my confession, then judge me as you will! How humiliating and how painful! ONEGIN If I wished to pass my life within the confines of the family circle, and a kindly fate had decreed for me the role of husband and father, then, most like, I would not choose any other bride than you.

But I was not made for wedded bliss, it is foreign to my soul, your perfections are vain, I am quite unworthy of them. Believe me, I give you my word, marriage would be a torment for us. No matter how much I loved you, habit would kill that love. Judge what a thorny bed of roses Hymen would prepare for us, and, perhaps, to be endured at length! One cannot return to dreams and youth, I cannot renew my soul!

I love you with a brother's love, a brother's love or, perhaps, more than that! Perhaps, perhaps more than that! Listen to me without getting angry, more than once will a girl exchange one passing fancy for another. Learn to control your feelings; … … Not everyone will understand you as I do. Inexperience leads to disaster! When a handsome lad is lured, when he approaches us, let's run away, my friends, pelting him with cherries. Don't you come eavesdropping, don't you come spying on our girlish play!

The voices of the servant girls die away. Onegin offers Tatyana his arm; after giving him a long, imploring look, she rises mechanically, accepts his arm and they leave slowly. Uniformed officers are among the guests. As the curtain rises, the younger people are dancing a waltz while the older ones watch admiringly.

Onegin is dancing with Tatyana and Lensky with Olga. Mme Larina bustles about with the air of an anxious hostess. We never expected a military band! Revelry - and to spare! A long time has passed since we were so entertained! A marvellous party, would you not all agree? Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo! What a lovely surprise!

A splendid surprise for us all! The hunt is our only amusement, dear to us is its hubbub and stir. The whole day they dash over hill and dale, marshland and scrub! They tire themselves out, then collapse into bed, and that's all the amusement we poor women get! Onegin is still dancing with Tatyana. The other couples stop dancing and watch them. Just look! The lovebirds are dancing together! Thy say he's a gambler! Onegin, passing, overhears the conversation. I've heard more than enough of this repulsive tittle? It serves me right, all his! Why did I ever come to this stupid ball?

I won't forgive Vladimir This service! I'll flirt with Olga … That'll make him mad! Here she is! Olqa seems undecided. Olga and Onegin dance: he plies her with exaggerated attentions to which she responds with evident gratification. Heavens, what's happening to me! What a surprise! A marvellous party! What a delicious treat! We never expected A military band! Isn't that so? Don't you agree? A marvellous party, don't you agree? Indeed, we never expected a military band!

A marvellous party, etc. As soon as the dance ends, Lensky approaches Olga. Oh, Olga, how cruelly you treat me! What have I done? I asked you, but was refused! OLGA Vladimir, this is ridiculous, you're angry about nothing at all! How could I be indifferent while you laughed and flirted with him? He was leaning over you and squeezing your hand!


I saw it all! OLGA That's all stuff and nonsense! You have no reason to be jealous, we were only chatting; he's very nice! Oh, Olga, you don't love me! OLGA How strange you are! Will you dance the cotillon with me'? Onegin approaches them. You promised me, didn't you'? All the young ladies are coming this way with Triquet. But where, I ask, is Mademoiselle? The guests form a circle, placing Tatyana in the middle, where, despite her embarrassment and attempts to escape, she has to stand while M.

Triquet adresses his couplets to her. Mesdames, I will begin. Please to not interrupt me. As guests, let us pay tribute to the charm and beauty of the one whose name-day we celebrate. Her sweet, enchanting countenance sheds radiance all around. What a pleasure, what a joy to see her! Shine upon us forever, beautiful Tatyana! Your verses are wonderful and very, very nicely sung! May she be like a star in our country's firmament, ever shining and casting light, illuminating our days and nights.

Tatyana curtsies confusedly and Triquet hands her the verses with an exaggerated bow. If you please! The Captain offers Tatyana his arm and leads off the dance. Onegin and Olga dance together for a while, then Onegin escorts her back to her seat. Lensky is standing gloomily behind them.

Onegin turns to Lensky, pretending he has only just noticed him there. You're standing around like some Childe Harold! What's up with you? Olga is chosen for a figure in the mazurka. I didn't expect such an avowal! What are you sulking about? Not at all! The guests gradually leave off dancing as they become aware of the quarrel. Obviously, Tatyana is not enough for you. Out of love for me, you evidently want to ruin Olga, upset her peace of mind, and then have a good laugh at her expense! Oh, how admirable! You must be mad! You insult me, and then you call me a madman!

Everybody stops dancing. The guests surround the quarrelling men. What's going on there? What's the matter? You're no longer my friend! I no longer wish to be on close terms with you! I … despise you! What a quarrel has blown up! This is no laughing matter! We've attracted enough attention with our quarrel! I haven't disturbed anyone's peace of mind yet, and neither, I admit, have I any intention of doing so!

She laughed and blushed! What were you saying to her? You've insulted me and I demand satisfaction! Tell us. Tell us what has happened. Onegin to explain his behaviour to me! He does not wish to do so, so I ask him to accept my challenge. In our house! Spare us, spare us! In your house! In your house, as in a golden dream, my childhood years flowed gently by! In your house I first tasted the joys of a pure, serene love!

But today, I have learnt … … something different, I have learnt that life is no romantic novel, that honour is but a sound, friendship an empty … ONEGIN In the depths of my heart I am displeased with myself. Like an ice? LENSKY I have learnt here that … … a young girl may be beautiful as an angel, sweet and lovely as the day, but in her heart, in her heart as wicked and sly as a fiend!

Young men are so hot? They argue, they quarrel and soon there's a fight! They argue, etc. They always act on impulse!