Calculation of Net Income using Cost Method and Equity Method

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For example, if your company buys a 5% stake in another company for $1 million, that is how the shares are valued on your balance sheet -- regardless of their current price. If your investment pays $10, in quarterly dividends, that amount is added to your company's income. Under the equity method, you update the carrying value of your investment by your share of the investee's income or losses. In addition, you decrease carrying value by any dividends you receive on the shares. You do not otherwise adjust the carrying value to reflect changes to the fair market value of the investee.

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Equity Method Accounting

Verification of Portfolio Weights. Determining Activity Cost. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The income statement would never show the 5 percent of Saks' annual profit that belonged to Federated. Only dividends paid on the Saks shares would be shown as dividend income which is, actually, added to total revenue or sales in most cases.

Unless you delved deep into the company's K , you may not even realize that the Saks dividend income is included in total revenue as if it were generated from sales at Federated's own stores. In most cases, Federated would include a single-entry line on their income statement reporting their share of Saks' earnings.

With the consolidated method, Federated would be required to include all of the revenues, expenses, tax liabilities, and profits of Saks on the income statement. It would then also include an entry that deducted the percentage of the business it didn't own.

How to Invest in Stocks

What journal entry does Company A make to record the purchase? What journal entries does Company A make to record its proportionate share of Company B's earnings and the cash dividend? What journal entry does Company A make to record its tax expense related to its investment in Company B?

Now, let's see how to actually model equity method investments. Subsidiary Accounting Important Accounting Changes. Record initial investment dr. Record equity income dr. Record cash dividend dr.

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Record taxes on equity income dr. Record Investment dr. Record Equity Income dr.