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It was a powerful effect on the soul as we wept and worshiped together. He was an imposing figure, and without preamble he suddenly shouted, "The way to up is down! Then with even more drama and volume he said, "And the way to down is up. Even to a young, disinterested boy, his message got across. It's a lesson I still struggle to learn. While vacationing in Pennsylvania, I heard a Father's Day sermon from 3 John 4-"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Sermon: The Greatest Miracle: The Message of Evangelism - John 3

Since my wife and I were two months away from the birth of our third child, the Lord used that text to remind me that above everything else I want for my children, I must pray and desire that they "walk in the truth. That same combination provides a trustworthy guide for my ministry today.


I can't retrieve the most powerful sermon. Most sermons are long forgotten, but the preachers are remembered.

I. Inquiring man

My pastor during elementary school I can barely visualize in the pulpit, but I clearly remember conversations with him in the church halls. In high school, I don't recall a single sermon, but I vividly remember my pastor listening, laughing, and caring for me over lunch at Howard Johnson's.

Preaching and Evangelism: 20 Sermon and Worship Resources

Since then I've been in college, seminary, on a church staff, and at numerous conferences-and I've taken reams of notes, but the pattern continues. Two years ago, I heard one of the great elder statesmen of the kingdom. My notes could provide his point-by-point outline, but all my memory retains is the rich recollection of standing in line with him for breakfast, listening to him tell of rising early to study, pray, and walk along the waterfront.

It makes me wonder what people will remember from my carefully prepared sermons. Probably not too much.

Pastor Darriel Hoy - A Woman's Worth (Powerful Sermons by Women Pastors)

But my life-my faithfulness to our Father, the Word, my family, and to each member of the congregation-may be my most powerful sermon. May God use both. Click here for reprint information on Leadership Journal. Already a subscriber? Pentecostalism and its beliefs represent the fastest-growing segment of worldwide evangelical Christianity today. Our free sermons and Bible studies cover some of the major biblical topics in Pentecostal doctrine and theology — themes such as Holy Spirit power, spiritual gifts, divine healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, and the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

You are welcome to modify them in your sermon preparation for your own preaching ministry.

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We are pleased to make our Pentecostal sermon index freely available to you no fees, no registration. Here pastors, bible students, and other ministers of God's Word can find preaching ideas in Pastor Feeney's Spirit-filled sermons that you are welcome to adapt for use in your own ministries. The printed page is therefore essential, not only in awakening them to the importance of the truth for this time, but in rooting and grounding them in the truth, and establishing them against deceptive error. In enlightening and confirming souls in the truth, the publications will do a far greater work than can be accomplished by the ministry of the Word alone.

The silent messengers that are placed in the homes of the people through the work of the canvasser, will strengthen the gospel ministry in every way; for the Holy Spirit will impress minds as they read the books, just as He impresses the minds of p. The same ministry of angels attends the books that contain the truth as attends the work of the ministry. Evangelism by Ellen G. White Printed Sermons And Literature.

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With the introduction of a variety of eBook formats, this site has been redesigned. Scriptures: John 3. Luke 10 gives us a model of evangelism that invites us to bless our neighbours, develop relationships, pray for them, and then present the Gospel. Joseph Stowell, former president of Moody Bible College, was asked to participate in a community prayer breakfast shortly after Handbills—If a press can be secured to be worked during the meeting, printing leaflets, notices and papers for distribution, it will have a telling influence. Many of us have heard the phrase all of our lives, so we fail to grasp how strange the words would have been to Nicodemus hearing it for the first time. Topical sermons on scores of topics.

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