Das Menschenbild in der Reformpädagogik (German Edition)

5 Education for the National Community? Waldorf Schools in the Third Reich
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Denazification in Soviet-occupied Germany, 1945–1949

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Bestselling Series

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Freeberg, E. Vinovskis, M. Erickson, C. Cheetham, M. Infection, Dissemination, Genealogy , Paedagogica Historica. Tanya Fitzgerald Scholarly traditions and the role of the professoriate in uncertain times , Journal of Educational Administration and History. Gronn, P.

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Carl Rogers, First Edition

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Anthroposophy and the Politics of Race in the Fascist Era

Das Menschenbild in der Reformpädagogik (German Edition) eBook: Simone Merkl: uwewefatymix.gq: Kindle Store. Buy Waldorfschule - Die Reformpädagogik von Rudolf Steiner (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - uwewefatymix.gq

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einer multidisziplinaeren strategie: Topics by uwewefatymix.gq

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Montessori-Pädagogik : Einführung in Theorie und Praxis

Yousef, H A Losing the future? Constructing educational need in Egypt, s to s , History of Education. Thai-Huy Nguyen and Marybeth Gasman Activism, identity and service: the influence of the Asian American Movement on the educational experiences of college students , History of Education. Wayne J. Urban and Marybeth Smith Much ado about something? Hall, J. Freeman, M.

Vertinsky, P. Stanley Hall's totalitarian views on female health and physical education , International Journal of the History of Sport. Booth, A. Shibata, M. Braster, J. Holck, L. Stolle, Michael, author. Kohlhammer, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. S76 Unknown. Young people's educational careers in England and Germany : integrating survey and interview analysis via qualitative comparative analysis []. Glaesser, Judith, author. Description Book — x, pages : illustrations ; 23 cm Summary 1. Introduction 2. Description and Explanation: Methodological Rationale 3.

Qualitative Comparative Analysis 4. Overview of the Project 5. A Typological Analysis 6. Secondary Schooling Careers in England 7. Summary and Conclusions. Methodologically, the book develops a mixed methods approach that utilises Charles Ragin's increasingly popular Qualitative Comparative Analysis QCA to examine cross-case analyses of secondary survey data alongside within-case process-tracing analyses of interview data to establish causal understanding of educational careers.

International comparison adds another dimension, exploiting the significant differences between the two countries' school and university systems. The book therefore offers both a contemporary account of young people's educational careers and decision-making as well as a practical contribution to ongoing debates concerning the establishment of causal and explanatory knowledge in the non-experimental social sciences.

G7 G53 Unknown. Zwischen Arbeiterbildung und Erziehung zur Volksgemeinschaft : protestantische Erwachsenenbildung in der Weimarer Republik []. Ahlheim, Klaus, author. Description Book — pages ; 21 cm. G4 A66 Unknown. Allgemein bildende Schulen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, []. K64 F Unknown. Delp, Janina, author. D45 Unknown. Matthes, Christoph, author. Description Book — xi, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. G3 M38 Unknown. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, c Description Book — p.

H47 Unknown. Description Book — pages : illustrations chiefly color , portraits chiefly color ; 21 cm. H86 H Unknown. Migrantinnen und Migranten an Hochschulen : Hochschulzugang, Studium und Arbeitsmarktintegration []. Bielefeld : WBV, W. G32 M54 Unknown. B44 L83 Unknown. Thinking and the sense of life : a comparative study of young people in Germany and Japan : educational consequences []. Schaefer, Gerhard, author. Based on a sample of more than one thousand secondary schools students in Japan and Germany, the correlation between intelligence and perception of sense in life has been empirically examined.

The study draws the conclusion that there is no clear correlation between cognition and sense. Finding sense in life seems to be independent from the level of thinking and to be independent as well from particular areas of commitment e. The book discusses the different historical background of the two peer groups as a possible explanation and draws conclusions with respect to education. S34 Unknown. Description Book — pages : illustrations some color , color map, portraits some color ; 21 cm.

W Unknown. Schuh, Maximilian. Leiden : Brill, Description Book — x, pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. Summary I. B65 Unknown. Zusak, Markus. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c Ortmeyer, Benjamin author. Frankfurt am Main : Protagoras Academicus, A2 O78 Unknown. Martin, Philipp, , author. M37 A3 Unknown. Connected by the ear : the media, pedagogy, and politics of the Romantic lecture []. Franzel, Sean. Evanston, Ill. Scholarly persons, scholarly publics From traditional to modern scholarly speech and Kant's provocation "Hear him!

Fictions of dialogue Romantic literary criticism : staging oral sociability, staging the German nation Romantic ideas of the university and the lecture as the "sanctuary of collective scholarly life" Addressing the nation : political oratory and the monumentalization of the lecture Conclusion : Toward an immanent critique of the Romantic lecture.

In this innovative new study, Sean Franzel charts the concurrent emergence of German Romantic pedagogy, the modern research university, and modern visions of the politically engaged scholar. Moritz, A. Schlegel, Adam Muller, and others was the lecture, with its ability to attract listeners and to model an ideal discursive community, reflecting an era of revolution, reform, and literary, philosophical, and scientific innovation. Along with exploring the striking preoccupation of Romantic thinkers with the lecture and with its reverberations in print, Franzel argues that accounts of scholarly speech from this period have had a lasting impact on how the pedagogy, institutions, and medial manifestations of modern scholarship continue to be understood.

L4 F69 Unknown. Maurer, Trude. Graz : Leykam, G4 M38 Unknown. Failure of American and Soviet cultural imperialism in German universities, []. Description Book — x, pages ; 25 cm. II Americans and Soviets in the defeated Germany: the division of the country, Occupation administrations, and their transformation strategies for German universities III American and Soviet structural transformations in German universities, through the early s IV American and Soviet policy towards the university professoriate, through the early s V German students in American and Soviet policy, through the early s VI American and Soviet policy in German universities, mids to German university conservatism, and the failure of American and Soviet cultural imperialism Conclusion Bibliography Index.

In both parts of divided Germany the conservative professorate resisted both the American and Soviet policies of reforms in universities. Whether these policies can be considered cases of cultural imperialism will be discussed in this book. As well as how and why both American and Soviet policies of the transformation of German universities eventually failed.

G3 T78 Unknown. From the shtetl to the lecture hall : Jewish women and cultural exchange []. Hirsch, Luise. Lanham : University Press of America, Inc. Description Book — xiv, pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. When this convention changed, it was largely thanks to Jewish women from Russia. Raised to be strong and independent, the daughters of Jewish businesswomen were able to utilize this cultural capital to fight their way into the universities of Switzerland and Germany.

They became trailblazers, ensuring regular admission for women who followed their example. This book tells the story of Russian and German Jews who became the first female professionals in modern history. It describes their childhoods-whether in Berlin or in a Russian shtetl-their schooling, and their experiences at German universities. A final chapter traces their careers as the first female professionals and details how they were tragically destroyed by the Nazis. G3 H Unknown. Bielefeld : Transcript, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations some color ; 23 cm.

G33 C65 Unknown.


It turned out that the research proposals are generally very heterogeneous and thus distributed to various units of the DFG with geosciences, water research and chemistry ranking highest, followed by biology and ecology. It was observed that the sons affectionate and loving more to her mother than the daughters. Womit werden diese Radiosender finanziert? K64 F Unknown. With a new foreword by Bennett M.

The girl with a brave heart : a tale from Tehran []. Lev shel Shiraz. Description Book — 1 volume unpaged : color illustrations ; 28 cm Summary After showing kindness to a strange old woman, Shiraz receives the gift of beauty but her lazy and unkind stepsister, Nargues, suffers a less pleasant fate in this adaptation of the Grimm's fairy tale, Mother Hulda, reset in Tehran, Iran. R Unknown. The Harvard Club of Berlin : one hundred years of history [].

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Berlin : Kadmos, c Description Book — 91 p. Murphy Endnotes Photo Credits. B47 H37 Unknown. Pasternack, Peer. Description Book — 98 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm. Ortmeyer, Benjamin. Weinheim : Beltz Juventa, c Summary Antisemitismus und Rassismus. O78 Unknown. Description Book — x, p. A2 J64 Unknown. Little Red writing []. Holub, Joan. San Francisco, Calif. Description Book — 1 v. So begins a hilarious re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood, in which a brave little red pencil finds her way through the many perils of story composition, faces a ravenous pencil sharpener the Wolf , and saves the day.

This smart, entertaining book combines a lot of silly jokes with a satisfying story and an insightful exploration of children's writing process. O L58 Unknown. Der Mauerbau : bildungsgeschichtliche Einsichten []. Bad Heilbrunn : Verlag Julius Klinkhardt, Description Book — pages : illustrations ; 21 cm. M38 Unknown. The Nazi hunters []. Bascomb, Neal author. Sixteen years later, an elite team of spies captured him at a bus stop in Argentina and smuggled him to Israel, resulting in one of the century's most important trials -- one that cemented the Holocaust in the public imagination.

Survivor Simon Wiesenthal opened Eichmann's case; a blind Argentinean and his teenage daughter provided crucial information. Finally, the Israeli spies -- many of whom lost family in the Holocaust -- embarked on their daring mission, recounted here in full. E5 B Unknown. Description Book — 99 pages : illustrations, maps ; 21 cm. Schulschriften und ihre Erschliessung in Bibliotheken []. Wieckhorst, Katrin. W54 Unknown. Studienseminar Neuburg : seine Geschichte von bis [].

Regensburg : Verlag Friedrich Pustet, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations chiefly color , plans ; 27 cm Summary "In fide et scientia vis vitae : in Glauben und Wissen zusammen liegt des Lebens Kraft. G32 N48 Unknown. Totale Institutionen? Warum machen wir Jesuiten heute Schule?

G3 T68 Unknown. The transatlantic world of higher education : Americans at German universities, []. Werner, Anja. New York : Berghahn Books, Description Book — xiii, p. In this book, the author combines a statistical approach with a biographical approach in order to reconstruct the history of these educational pilgrimages and to illustratethe interconnectedness of student migration with educational reforms on both sides of the Atlantic.

No matter who they were and where they were from, American students in Germany set up organizational structures, including an American church, to engage in academic networking, such as assisting one another in finding accommodations abroad or securing jobs in American academia after their return home. This detailed account of academic networking in European educational centers highlights the fruitfulness of travel in order to gain a clearer understanding of how to advance one's culture.

A3 W47 Unknown. Grill, Tobias. E G75 Unknown. D83 Unknown. Description Book — 86 p. G42 B37 Unknown. Bildungsrevolution, []. Description Book — ix, p. B Unknown. Bomb : the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon []. Sheinkin, Steve. New York : Roaring Brook Press, c Summary Recounts the scientific discoveries that enabled atom splitting, the military intelligence operations that occurred in rival countries, and the work of brilliant scientists hidden at Los Alamos.

A8 S Unknown. Deutschlands verlorene Kinder : warum unser Bildungssystem Verlierer produziert []. Siggelkow, Bernd, author. G3 S54 Unknown. Einfach Spitze? G3 E46 Unknown. Seidler, Rebecca. G4 S45 Unknown. Funktionaler Analphabetismus in Deutschland : Ergebnisse der ersten leo. G3 F86 Unknown. Description Book — xviii, p.

W45 H35 Unknown. Im alten Berliner Studentenviertel []. Zschocke, Helmut. Frankfurt am Main : Lang, G3 Z73 Unknown. L44 Unknown. Lernlandschaften : neue Schulbauten : Juli bis Mathez, Marc-Olivier. Hamburg : Junius, Description Book — 61 p. Meine Lehrerin, Dr. Dora Lux, : Nachforschungen []. Schramm, Hilde. Description Book — pages : illustrations, ports. L89 S37 Unknown. Berlin : Metropol, c F3 P76 Unknown. Ein Staat, eine Sprache? Pech, Edmund. Summary Einleitung. Minderheitenpolitik im Schulwesen und nationale Minderheiten in Deutschland G4 P43 Unknown. Gardosi, Anett Regina. G3 G37 Unknown.

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Standard narratives hold that the German students of the late s and early s were conservative, anti-Semitic, radically nationalist, and aggressively militaristic. According to such accounts, these studentswho became the doctors, lawyers, civil servants, and teachers of the Weimar Republicalready shared ideological similarities with the National Socialists. By analyzing students' memoirs and newspapers, organizational histories, and commentaries on student life, "Dueling Students: Conflict, Masculinity, and Politics in German Universities, " calls this picture into question.