Know Your Truth, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth

The Difference Between Speaking ‘Your Truth’ and ‘The Truth’
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Life is a process so all anyone can do is to be aware and keep putting one foot in front of the other. But it was so worth it. Knowing my purpose, values and beliefs have made making life choices and decisions so much easier.

Say your truths and seek them in others - Elizabeth Lesser

I fell in love with the first couple of paragraphs of this post. This entire topic is right up my alley. A few years back, I had discovered something rather interesting. I, for the first time, observed my own programming…and the effect it had on my life. I had no idea what to replace what used to be my beliefs…so I decided not to be in a hurry.

And you know what else? Living our truth. Wayne Dyer. Another timely and well-written post, Marquita. I received a call yesterday laying me off from my day job. I expected this was coming due to some restructuring, but it was still a shock. After the panic subsided and discussing it with my husband, I started to let my brain soar with all the new possibilities.

Getting down into the real me would be a rather perfect thing to do right now, eh?

Off to start your 30 day challenge! Awesome post Marquita, to an extent i think i am living the truth but not completely. I am getting there each day as I get older. Your post strikes a nerve. Thanks for sharing x. Someone posted a wonderful Carl Jung quote to me the other day. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.


And you are so right, it never really ends just as we hopefully! Thanks for sharing your always insightful thoughts. There are still plenty of people who never really do stop clinging to their false stories regardless of age. Fortunately there are also people like you who are refreshingly enlightened! Thanks for sharing. Hi Beth, good to see you and so glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and contributing to the conversation.

Am I living my truth? No, probably not completely. I can identify with many of the symptoms of living in that gap between who we truly are and what the world sees of us.

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With that being said, every explanation you give to negate those feeling of living in limbo, creates positive energy to live life, our own unique life, out loud. What a great topic! Are you living your Truth? There is no quick answer to this question because we do need to delve into ourselves to answer it.

Years ago I was not living my truth and when I look back it was like I was living in a black hole. No sense of self, self esteem, always thinking about what others though of me…Phew! But as I went through a process.. Hi Marquita, another enlightening post. Lenie recently posted… Consignment Shops: Buy-Sell.

Lovely article! It takes us varied amounts of time to be at the stage where we are willing to let the world see us just as we are. A lucky few seem to get it almost from birth but most of us take years and years. What a sigh of relief we can enjoy when wwe realize how wonderful and satisfying it is to be able to let others see our authentic selves.

Beth Niebuhr recently posted… 5 Ways to Sell More.

Know Your Truth, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth by Eileen R. Hannegan

This is so enlightening. Thanks for sharing these wonderful questions to help determine the true self. I asked myself some of these questions but will definitely be reviewing the rest soon. The truth is that I love your post! It resonates strongly with the work I do as a life coach as well as some of the material covered in my first book. We create our own realtiy based on how we define and assign our experiences, which in turn form our beliefs.

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Know Your Truth, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth [Eileen R. Hannegan M.S.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Buffeted about by the. Editorial Reviews. Unknown. "My management team and I spent a day with Eileen Hannegan. We came away with a new awareness of how to communicate .

Welcome back Donna! Great point about how sometimes it takes a crisis to serve as a wake-up call. Delighted you found value in the article Patricia! What a fabulous post Marquita. Funny how it takes most of us a few years to come around to actually WANT to live your own truth. Because, I think, it all goes back to what people Expect your truth to be. It truly has to be something you want to achieve… integrity.

My opinion, it that it takes a great deal of strength and courage. Great one as always! So glad you found value in the post Catarina and thanks for taking the time to contribute to the conversation. I know that has happened to me a few times and it is so freeing to get back to the authentic me. It is a good thing to re-evaluate from time to time. I love the quote by Jean Shinoda Bbolen. Donna Janke recently posted… First Fridays in the Exchange.

Fabulous post, Marquita, starting with clarifying the meaning you give to the statement, living your truth. About 3 years ago I took a course which had a unique way of uncovering core values. Not at all like anything ever presented to me previously. Dang if I can remember the 4 questions that sorted it all out.

Speak Your Truth When It Scares You Because It Is The One True Measure Of Your Authenticity

It was a program by Jim Bunch. Anyway, to your point, values are just part of your truth. Indeed, it offered many of the benefits I know your upcoming program is going to leave people with. The day challenge sounds awesome to get to your truth.

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Big thanks for this post and your course. Great article Marquita. Few things can make us as grounded, connected and strong as living what is ours to live. Let us get to know who you are so we can decide if we know, like, and trust you enough to deepen the connection. People can sometimes handle talking about themselves.

The Courage to Speak Your Truth ~ 5 Steps to Reclaiming Your Voice

Why does this whatever it is matter to my audience? Figure out why the story matters. The power of its truth will come through fully if you do. There were so many examples I could have shared in this post. Creatives can be boat-rockers, snow-globe shakers, and tippers of apple carts. That can make it scary to speak your truth. But some people will listen.

Your truth resonates. So squeak on, wheel. Use your platform to share your voice and speak your truth.

Speak Your Truth, Live Your Purpose

Platform owners like YouTube and Facebook have an agenda. She did nothing wrong, and yet, Facebook was entirely within its rights to block her. Thanks, Charlie! How do you get to Carnegie Hall? As a musician living in Nashville, I can attest to this. I know that if I want to perform, I have to be ready when the call comes.

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Or they may not understand. When we do this, we can watch our relationships and lives literally transform. Your words resonate with me as well. Even if your parents were generally kind and open to you, so long as they held onto their need to withdraw—their coping strategies—they would unintentionally invite you to withdraw as well; you would likely inherit their fears, beliefs and attitudes, like the innocent sponge and mimicker you were. Imagine being okay with expressing your vulnerability and power all at once. Other Editions 3.

Can it happen? Lisa Robbin Young, is the founder of Ark Entertainment Media, a growth accelerator and incubator for creative businesses. Lisa wrote Creative Freedom: How to own your dreams without selling your soul , and hosts a podcast and web series with the same name, providing inspiration and education for creative entrepreneurs. Lisa believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself — warts, sparkles, and all — so you can own your dreams without selling your soul.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Lisa and speaking your truth, being yourself is so much better for you too. Both for your mind and your overall health. Sometimes I was wrong and had to clean up a mess. But the rewards were always greater than the losses. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

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