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Elemental and Chemically Specific X-ray Fluorescence Imaging of Biological Systems
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The thermal conductance at the interface between graphene and other metals is an important issue for graphene-based applications in the near future. The simulation results present a hint to tune effectively the interfacial thermal conductance for graphene-based devices. Nanostructured surfaces that possess specific structures, such as flower-like patterns, can offer great opportunities for field emission and sensor applications.

However, the current research methods for texturizing graphene require high costs and harsh processing conditions regarding temperature, pressure, and catalysts. Here, we present a novel method that is easy, fast, and low-cost to create graphene microflowers with special nanostructured edges. In our experiment, we irradiate nm femtosecond laser onto graphite foil submerged in distilled water. High-density, periodic nanofingers remained on the top of the upright flower petal structures perpendicular to the laser polarization.

Scanning electron microscopy SEM imaging showed that the nanofingers have a uniform width of approximately 50 nm. Raman spectroscopy corroborated that the nanostructured surface shows sharper graphene characteristic peaks than those of the unirradiated original graphite foil. Nowadays, the hybrid nano composites are chosen as suitable replacement for conventional metal matrix composites in order to overcome the drawbacks like porosity, dispersion and bonding of reinforcement in matrix material.

The experiments were designed and the results were optimized using Taguchi L9 orthogonal array method with 3 factors and 3 levels. A statistical analysis was performed to establish a mathematical relation for wear rate and friction coefficient against the amount of Si 3 N 4 nano particles, sliding speed and normal load.

Grey relational analysis GRA was employed to identify the synergetic effect of input parameter on multiple response parameters i. The wear mechanisms of the composites were interpreted using the micrographs obtained from Scanning Electron Microscope SEM. The plastic deformation and fracture of plateau were also found out on the worn surface. The inclusion of these particles led to improved optical absorption and consequently increased the performance of the devices in terms of photoelectric properties.

Generally, higher performance was demonstrated by the Ag NPs-coated device. The devices were highly sensitive to UV illumination. Photoresponsivity PR of 0. The devices also demonstrated a photovoltaic PV behaviour under AM1. Compared to the bare device, significant improvement of Zinc nitrate, iron nitrate and graphene oxide were used in the precursor medium.

The IZG nanocomposite was synthesized by two-step low temperature solution process in presence of hydrazine hydrate. Among the samples, IZG sample showed an excellent biocompatibility than the other samples. This simple synthesis strategy could be applied for other mixed oxide nanocomposite synthesis and their biomedical applications. Phase composition, microscopic shape ,functional group characteristics and optoelectronic properties of samples were characterized by x-ray diffractometry XRD , transmission electron microscopy TEM , photoelectron spectroscopy XPS and ultraviolet-visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy UV-vis DRS , cyclic voltammetry CV ,electrochemical impedance spectra EIS and Tafel polarization curve Taf.

The experimental results show that the binary heterojunction nanocomposites have been successfully constructed to promote the separation of photogenerated electron-hole pairs and improve the photoelectric performance. At the same time, the degradation kinetics of methyl orange MO in TiO 2 -NiO binary heterojunction nanocomposites under visible light irradiation is faster than other samples that can be completed in min. The results show that TiO 2 -NiO binary heterojunction nanocomposites have broad application prospects in water treatment and wastewater treatment. In addition, the influence of ZnO-MWCNTs on the corrosion resistance of ceramic coatings was investigated by the potentiodynamic polarization.

Here we report a simple method for the synthesis of Mg-doped CuO nanostructures as it possesses high dielectric and antimicrobial properties. The morphology of the prepared nanostructures was characterized by scanning electron microscope SEM confirming the successful synthesis of Mg-doped CuO nanorods and nanosheets. It is observed that the dielectric properties of this structure demonstrate an explicit correlation between permittivity and doping concentration viz.

In addition, anti-microbial and anti-cancer applications are thoroughly investigated by utilizing gram positive and gram negative bacteria respectively. The pure and Mg doped CuO nanostructures have been observed and established potentially to remove breast cancer cells and unhazardous towards human flourishing cells. In addition, the doped nanostructures for anti-cancer and antibacterial activity possess a strong antimicrobial activity for various bacterial strains. Thus, such fabrications provide us with a potential remedy for breast cancer as an alternative to the standard methods.

The paper presents a hybrid approach utilizing molecular dynamics simulation and finite element modeling to determine the elastic properties of CNT reinforced nanocomposites.

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The CNT, epoxy and interface between the CNT and epoxy are analyzed for variation in temperatures and their properties are determined using the Molecular Dynamic simulation. The elastic properties are analyzed for possible parametric variations of the volume fraction of CNTs, and for the variation of interfacial thickness between CNT and epoxy at different values of temperatures. The significant effect of interface thickness is found on the effective Young's modulus of the CNT reinforced composite at the high values of temperature.

We have synthesized gold nanoparticles GNPs with different particle sizes by using wet chemical method. Furthermore, UV—vis spectra are employed to study the dependence of optoelectronic properties upon the variation of particle size of GNPs. The results reveal that the surface Plasmon resonance peak SPR red shifted toward higher wavelength from to nm due to the aggregation of the GNPs. It is found that the optical energy band gap increased by the decrease of the GNPs size due to quantum confinement effects.

Nowadays, inferior mechanical stability and poor resistance to chemical corrosion and hot water severely restricted the broad applications of superhydrophobic materials. And it would not cause effect on its wettability with immersion in various organic solvents, or strong acid and high-concentration salt solution for h. After the carbon removal process, the tubular structure is broken, thereby causing the shape of SiCNWs to be entangled with irregular ruptured tubes of different lengths and diameter of 1.

The SiCNWs synthesised by this method have a small-diameter, intertwined and dense structure. The low reaction temperature and simple synthesis process make it possible to achieve industrial production. In this paper, Aluminium metal matrix hybrid composite was fabricated using powder metallurgy, where MWCNT and burnt coal waste pollutant used as reinforcing materials. The density and hardness of specimen was calculated and influence of fly ash on them was discussed. An increase of The increased ball milling time resulted in damage of CNT.

Compressive strength test revealed that MWCNT along with fly ash addition resulted in the improvement of compressive strength compared to pure Al. The classical molecular dynamics MD method and density functional theory are utilized to study the dynamics and high-pressure behaviors of C 20 Tube peapod structure.

Results show that the critical and most suitable diameters of the tube for filling the C 20 molecule are 9. The mean free path and frequency of collision between the host and guest molecules are analyzed. Competition between the tube's confinement effect and the temperature on the molecular motion is studied. Two superhard carbon phases with a large bulk modulus are obtained under high pressure. The encapsulated C 20 molecule induces a decrease in the band gap under ambient conditions and a lower pressure of closure of band gap. In addition, the application of pressure leads to a redistribution of electric charge between the host and guest molecule.

The encapsulation induces a red shift of the vibrational optic modes for both the tube and the C 20 molecule. The growth mechanism of core—shell photoanode exhibits that Cd 0. However, ZnO nanorods coalesce in larger size during Cd 0. In addition to conventional antireflection coating with high dielectric constant like TiO 2 , plasmonic properties of silver Ag nanoislands could be used to improve the antireflection property and consequently tune its window.

Here, we have reported the possibility of achieving near zero-reflection 0. An optimized thickness of TiO 2 layer has been deposited to fulfill the requirements of desired reflection property for the proposed structure. Plasmonically more sensitive closely packed metal nanoislands have been used to achieve the tunability of near zero-reflection window in the wavelength range nm to nm. A systematic analysis has been carried out to develop a better insight of the physical mechanism behind the phenomena using theoretical model and spectroscopic ellipsometer.

The proposed theoretical model, as reported earlier, has been applied to predict the effective plasmonic response of Ag nanoislands embedded in between TiO 2 and Si substrate. This also helps us in spectroscopic ellipsometric characterization of the proposed structure which eventually supports the LSPR induced tuning of antireflection window.

The 'sea-island' structure composites formed on account of the immiscibility between poly vinylidene fluoride and ethylene-methyl acrylate-glycidyl methacrylate at the weight ratio of The 'sea-island' morphology facilitated the improvement of dielectric properties for the poly vinylidene fluoride nanocomposites.

In addition, the tan delta was suppressed effectively to 2. Therefore, this strategy indicates the 'sea-island' morphology can enhance the dielectri properties of PVDF nanocomposites because of the confinement of c-MWCNTs in the island phase. In the present work, we have successfully prepared pure and Manganese Mn doped single phase nanocrystalline LaFeO 3 by using an auto combustion route. X-ray diffraction XRD study ensures the purity of phase whereas the transmission electron microscope TEM measurement confirms the nanocrystalline nature. The details of the DC and AC conduction mechanism are studied to illustrate the dielectric behavior and charge transfer mechanism.

The DC resistivity increases with the doping concentration which has been illustrated by Mott's variable range hopping VRH model. The dielectric constant and activation energy AC increase with Mn concentration whereas dielectric loss decreases. So, the leakage behavior decreases within the samples. Mixed ferromagnetic ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic order exists within the samples.

As a result exchange bias arises. We have achieved the highest value of the coercive field 2. The room temperature ferroelectric and magnetodielectric measurements indicate that the polarization and magnetodielectric coefficient increases significantly by virtue of Mn doping. Therefore, an enhancement of multiferroic and magnetodielectric properties has been achieved for chemically prepared nanocrystalline lanthanum ferrite LaFeO 3 system by virtue of Mn doping.

All the observations indicate that these materials to be potential candidates in the emerging field of spintronics. The unique electronic and chemical property of colloidal gold nanoparticles in aqueous solution is being extensively studied for the development of new generation nanoscale devices. In this work, gold colloids of different colour, morphology and size were synthesized using leaf extract of guava Psidium guajava under ambient conditions.

The role of leaf extract of Psidium guajava as a reducing, stabilising and aggregation inducing agent was explored in this study. Two different coloured gold colloids, red and black, were formed with increasing the leaf extract concentration. The red coloured colloids are monodisperse whereas black colloids showed aggregate structures in TEM analysis. Black coloured gold aggregates show broadband absorption due to interparticle plasmonic coupling.

In addition to this, the near field enhancement contributed by these colloidal aggregates generates high energy electrons and promote intra-band transition. These properties are responsible for the improved optical and photocatalytic behaviour shown by the black gold colloids compared to monodispersed red gold colloids. Bio-inspired gold aggregates by this fast and green approach is suitable for various sensing and optoelectronic applications. The synthesis strategy, characterization and photocatalytic application of nanoscale gold particles self-assembled into an aggregate structure has been discussed in this work.

The current-voltage characteristics and negative differential resistance of zigzag phosphorene nanoribbons are investigated in this paper. The origin of the negative differential resistance behaviour is explained by the inspection of the transmission eigenstates. Moreover, it is shown that the current-voltage characteristics and the negative differential resistance value can be changed by applying a perpendicular electric field thanks to the buckled structure of phosphorene nanoribbons.

It is concluded that this peculiar electronically tunable differential resistance characteristics of phosphorene nanoribbons can be utilized in electronically controlled oscillator circuits in the near future nanoelectronics technology. A new method was developed to prepare supported ionic liquids SILs continuously with the assist of supercritical carbon dioxide scCO 2. Effects of duration time, pressure, temperature, and CO 2 flow on ILs loadings were investigated and controllable preparation was realized. Highest loadings of The equilibrium time and reactor volume of this continuous method were reduced by ca.

Ordered mesoporous structure was retained without severe blockage.

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X-ray diffraction and Raman analyses showed that these films crystallize in pure anatase phase. In fact, total degradation of both rhodamine B RhB dye and phenol in water was obtained. Also, the photocatalyst displays a good photostability. All the obtained results suggested that the mentioned nanophosphors provides a platform for fabricating other new functional materials which can be applied in the field of W-LEDs, biological imaging and solid state display applications.

Infrared absorption enhancement is reported for a polyacrylic acid film deposited on evaporated gold film in normal transmission geometry. Comparison between absorption intensities measured with and without the self-assembled monolayer of p-nitrothiophenol demonstrates that the absorption intensities of polyacrylic acid are independent of the presence of a self-assembled monolayer.

Results suggest that the first layer effect in the physical enhancement mechanism does not exist in this thermally evaporated island film. Chromium oxide Cr 2 O 3 nanoparticles have been synthesized at different pH values by using co-precipitation technique. Optical properties of Cr 2 O 3 nanoparticles have been studied using UV—vis absorption spectroscopy.

Tauc's relation was used to determine the optical band gap energy of Cr 2 O 3 nanoparticles and found to be decreasing with the increase of crystallite size. This phenomenon is explained in terms of Urbach energy. Urbach energy has been calculated to account for disorder and found to be increasing from to meV as pH value increased from 6 to 10, respectively. Debye Waller factor and electron-phonon interactions of Cr 2 O 3 nanoparticles have also been investigated in this present study, to explain observed discrepancy between experimental and theoretical determined optical band gap values.

In this report, the hybrid nanoparticles were synthesized in a single step by a new chemical process using beta-cyclodextrin. As per EDS, the weight of silver and zinc oxide was found to be The anti-bacterial effects were tested separately by using silver, zinc oxide and the hybrid nanoparticles. The minimal inhibitory concentration MIC assay was performed against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus , and antifungal activity was tested using Candida albicans. The anti-bacterial mechanism is also discussed. In the clinical trials are carried out against staphylococcal dermatitis using the cream containing hybrid nanoparticles.

The clinical studies confirmed the prepared hybrid nanoparticles cream is highly suitable for the treatment against staphylococcus dermatitis. Titanium oxide TiO 2 has widespread catalytic applications in different areas. However, as a photocatalyst, TiO 2 has the potential to degrade many dyes to clean the contaminated water. It is also considered as a good material to prepare various cosmetics. In this investigation, TiO 2 has been synthesized on a large scale using enabling technique which consisted upon combination of continuous flow system and microwave heating system.

The influence of microwave mw holding time was exploited to study its sound influence on the physicochemical charactertics of TiO 2. UV-Visible spectroscopy technique was employed to calculate the energy bandgap. Photodegradation efficiency of the TiO 2 was experimented against the methylene blue dye. The outcomes confirmed that mw holding time has pronounced effects on the properties of the TiO 2 catalyst and desired properties can be achieved by controlling the dwell time inside the mw. Porous platinum nanolayers on atomic force microscopy AFM probes were prepared by means of micro-electrochemistry of platinum chloride in non-aqueous solution.

When integrated into a microelectric circuit, this nanostructured crystalline system has the potential to convert absorbed thermal energy into electricity. The present work involves the synthesis, characterization and sorption behavior of Fe—Al—MC nanocomposite for the removal of Pb II ions from industrial waste water. The sorbent was synthesized by impregnation method. X-ray diffraction XRD , Energy-dispersive x-ray EDX and scanning electron microscopy SEM techniques were applied to study the surface structure, compositions and morphology of the materials.

Fourier transform infrared technique was used to analyze the effect of surface properties on the adsorption behavior of Pb II ions. Experimentally, the adsorbed amounts of lead ion tend to decrease with increase in pH. Both Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models fit the equilibrium data well on the adsorbent. Kinetic data correlated well with the pseudo second order kinetic model. The Fe—Al—MC nanocomposite sorbent showed a sorption capacity of Therefore, this adsorbent with large sorption capacity and efficiency is a promising adsorbent for the removal of Pb II ions from the wastewater.

The graphene-based composite hydrogels with three-dimensional networks are considered as one kind of the most unique electrode materials for supercapacitors. Interestingly, by incorporation of W particles in SR, the tensile strength of composites improved by average, e. The young modulus was increased as well, e. Experimental results showed that, the absorption of x-ray increases considerably by increasing tungsten proportion of samples.

For example, the mass attenuation coefficient of The simulation results were in good agreement with the experimental results, confirming homogeneous dispersion of the particles in the matrix. The preservation of flexibility, increase in tensile strength, and comparable mass attenuation relative to the lead-based attenuator, make these composite to be attractive for radiological protection, in particular when the photons have higher energy than the tungsten x-ray adsorption edged, i. MnI 2 is one of the important multiferroics materials with a layered, nearly two-dimensional 2D structure due to van der Waals bonds.

In this work, we developed physical vapor deposition and mechanical exfoliation methods to prepare 2D MnI 2 flakes on amorphous SiO 2 substrates. The morphologies, composition and structure properties of the 2D MnI 2 flakes were characterized by optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning electronic microscope and Raman spectroscopy.

Furthermore, we systematically studied the degradation of the MnI 2 flakes. With h-BN and PMMA as protective materials, we improved the stability of the MnI 2 flakes and slow down the degradation process under moisture conditions. In this regard, we provided MnI 2 flakes as new 2D materials with effective protection, which may pave the way for the application of low dimensional multiferroics materials in the future. Vertically aligned 1D ZnO nanorods are grown on AZO seeded flexible stainless steel SS substrate using the hydrothermal method with different molar concentrations.

Morphological properties such as alignment and density of the nanorods is analyzed by FESEM analysis. Molecular properties of the grown ZnO nanorods is studied by analyzing the different vibrational modes obtained from Raman spectra. I-V characteristics of the heterojunction reveal diode like behavior. The strength of nano coatings predominantly depends on the selection of optimum combination of input parameters. This problem can be solved by developing an empirical relationship between input parameters to predict microhardness MH , average surface roughness Ra , specific wear rate Ws and co-efficient of friction CoF of the pulse electroplated coating by response surface methodology RSM.

In this paper an attempt has been made to optimize the electroplating process parameters of Ni—SiC nano coating using Grey-RSMapproach. This experiment highlights the use of RSM by designing the three factor three level central composite design. The optimum electroplating parameter was obtained through grey relational analysis GRA.

The influences of those optimized coating parameters over the microstructure, morphology, coating thickness, EDAX, x-ray diffraction and wear rate of Ni-nano SiC composite coatings were also investigated. Here, we report a facile one-step fabrication route by thermal treatment of exfoliated MoS 2. The corresponding mechanisms were discussed experimentally and theoretically.

The electromagnetic properties and microwave attenuation performances of Chevrel Phase Mo 6 S 8 and its heterostructures with MoS 2 were investigated for the first time. The exhibiting results suggest that Chevrel Phase and its hybrid with MoS 2 are promising microwave absorbing materials, which opens a new pathway for the applications of Chevrel Phase. Four samples with different concentration of sulphur source were prepared.

The approximate crystallite size of 22 nm for ZnO and 18 nm for CdS has been obtained as analyzed from x-ray diffraction data. UV-visible spectroscopy and photoluminescence spectroscopy were used to examine the optical response revealing the fact that bandgap reduction and a small redshift takes place for core—shell structure as compared to bare ZnO nanorods array. The J-V characterization was performed to study the photovoltaic response. This improvement is due to increased current density caused by reduced recombination of photogenerated electron hole pairs. This reduced recombination is achieved by two factors, one is the formation of type two core—shell heterostructure and second is increasing sulphur concentration in shell structure.

The target of the present research is to analyze the free vibration of non-uniform nanobeam resting on variable Winkler elastic foundation using the differential quadrature method. Non-uniformity in nanobeam is taken along the flexural rigidity, and the nanobeam is modeled with linearly varying Winkler elastic foundation. Eringen's nonlocal theory is employed in Euler—Bernoulli beam theory for different scaling parameters concerning the boundary conditions are explored. In order to illustrate the efficiency and accuracy of the method, the convergence study is carried out, and the obtained results are validated with known results in particular cases showing excellent agreement.

Further, the sensitivity analysis of frequency parameters is carried out to examine the response of various scaling parameters. The gas sensor integration in smart devices, represents a huge step forward for health and environmental sensing applications. Several technical problems as well as the insufficient rationalization in the gas-recognition mechanisms still impede their development. An ink-jet printing technique is chosen to deposit the nanostructured active layer on the highly integrated micro hot plate.

Deposited sensing layer, is investigated with scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy. Conformal coating and profiled signals according to the covered sensor structure were achieved. The sensing results demonstrate a reproducible dynamic gas response with a rapid initial decrease in resistance, followed by a steady rise in conductivity at a different rate, until it plateaus.

The well-defined signal profile, with the peculiar inflection points, has enabled an interpretation of the chemical reaction mechanism. This work investigates the temperature dependence and the elastic constants during tensile cycles of rutile phase TiO 2 used with molecular dynamics methods. The models were constructed under several different temperatures to find the temperature effect on TiO 2. Then, we simulated the mechanical endurance under tensile cycles. Analysis of the static mechanical properties of the models shows that with increasing temperature, the elastic modulus decreases gradually.

Then the elastic constant analysis shows that and are the main reason for the decline. The repetitive tensile simulations show that the rate of Young's modulus decreasing and Poisson's ratio increasing were 0. These results indicate that the mechanical characteristics of rutile phase TiO 2 are stable when the temperature ranges from K to K and its elastic modulus decreases at the rate of 0.

Therefore, we believe that our results will make a significant contribution to the development of flexible memory devices. Glycine Nitrate combustion synthesis was employed for the synthesis of homologous compound ZnO k. The effect of variation in k values associated with ZnO in the ZnO-In 2 O 3 system is realised by analysing the structural, optical and morphological studies investigated with the help of x-ray diffraction, UV-Visible Spectroscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy.

The morphological analysis carried out using SEM exhibited agglomeration of the synthesized powders. In era of modern disposable and bendable energy storage technology, flexible and environmentally safe electrodes are extremely feasible. This study elaborates the synthesis of highly flexible and stretchable polymer gel membrane by covalently cross linking of chitosan CS and poly vinyl alcohol PVA immobilized MnO 2 for efficient, light-weight and cost-effective energy storage technologies. Nanotechnology has been a boon to mankind as its significance paved the way for several applications in therapeutics.

Silver nanoparticles are powerful nano-weapons in the destruction of multiple drug resistant pathogens. The process of biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles is a simple, cost effective and eco-friendly approach. In the present study, aqueous extract of edible mushroom Pleurotus florida is used for the synthesis of biofunctionalized silver nanoparticles. The biosynthesis parameters such as pH, silver nitrate concentration, silver nitrate to mushroom extract ratio, temperature, incubation condition and duration of synthesis were optimized to maximize the yield of silver nanoparticles.

FTIR spectrum revealed the possible biomolecules responsible for capping and efficient stabilization of the nanoparticles. Further, biological evaluation of these silver nanoparticles showed potential antimicrobial action against seven bacterial and two fungal pathogens by agar well diffusion method. The microbicidal property of the biosynthesized nanosilver showed significant positive correlations associated with the dose- dependent effect and thus it might have high potential medical applications in controlling drug- resistant infections.

One-dimensional nanorods, two-dimensional nanoflakes or nanoplates ZnO had been effectively prepared by a promising hydrothermal process. The growth of the synthesized ZnO morphology has readily affected by the four synthesis key parameters of Zn concentration, pH, temperature, and growth time together as a compatible study. All the series of the synthesized specimens were analyzed using diverse characterization techniques including, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy FTIR , x-ray diffraction analysis XRD , and scanning electron microscopy SEM.

The results discussed the action of all synthetic parameters in a good quality of the formed wurtzite phase by enhancing the ZnO growth and its order. Likewise, the aspect ratio data showed that the well-crystalline hexagonal nanorods were successfully obtained under the following synthesis conditions: precursor Zn concentration less than 0. Iron selenide FeSe is a promising anode material for lithium-ion batteries LIBs , with high specific capacity, high tap-density and good electrical conductivity. However, the rapid decay of specific capacity seriously impedes its practical application, which results from the large volume change during charge-discharge cycles damaging electrode structure.

Here, the yolk-shell FeSe C nanobox is successfully synthesized via a novel method of selenization to the core after carbonization to the shell with chemical vapor deposition CVD. Therefore, the yolk-shell FeSe C displays outstanding electrochemical performance as the anode of lithium-ion batteries, which remained a specific capacity of This novel yolk-shell structure and the synthesis strategy could be employed in other anode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries and other electrochemical devices. Industrial organic pollutants and oily wastewater are becoming a serious worldwide problem that are threatening the environments.

Silica aerogels with hydrophobicity and oleophilicity have a significant potential to develop their use as an oil absorption and can be used to absorb different oils emulsion. Herein, inspired by lotus leaves and gecko toes, we fabricate superhydrophobic and superoleophilic silica aerogel from inexpensive sodium silicate precursors by a facile sol-gel method followed by the low-cost ambient drying process.

The resulted aerogels are ultra-lightweight 0. Due to its low density, lightweight, superhydrophobicity, low-cost materials, and considerable oil absorption properties, we expected that silica aerogel can be used for oil-spill cleanup. ZnO nanoparticle thin film has been demonstrated to be the best electron transportation material in quantum dot-based light emitting diodes QD-LEDs.

Therefore, the synthesis of well-dispersed and size-controllable ZnO nanoparticles is highly desirable. In this work, we present a facile and reproducible approach for the controllable synthesis of well-dispersed and monodispersed ZnO nanoparticles by using short-chain ethanolamine as the capping agent.

It was found that ethanolamine plays an important role in the synthesis of monodispersed ZnO nanoparticles by controlling the nucleation and growth process. As a result, well-dispersed and size-controllable ZnO nanoparticles can be obtained. Compared with ligand-free conventional methods, our ligand-assisted approach has a higher reproducibility and a better controllability. The photocatalytic activity of materials was evaluated by the degradation of methylene blue MB dye in aqueous under the visible light. The photocatalytic activity was improved, thanks to the extended optical absorption range and enhanced separation of the photoinduced electron-hole pairs.

Although HL T appears to be a simple chelating diphosphane, the tiazole proton can be removed with a base to produce an anionic diphosphane. Thus HL T can chelate in two modes: as a neutral rigid diphosphane, or as an anionic rigid diphosphane. A number of rationally designed epoxide and cyclopropane epothilone B 1 analogues with substituted side chains were prepared and their biological activities were evaluated against a series of human cancer cell lines. The cyclopropane analogue 2 with a methylsulfanylthiazole ring stands out as the most potent compound and is sixfold more active than 1.

The methylsulfanyl group enhances the potency of these compounds. The earliest molecule of life? Chirally selective reactions relevant to the origin of homochiral life are undergone by serine. The magnetic properties of the compound are characterized by the strongly distinct hierarchy in the magnetic exchange interactions within the complex anion see picture. Functionalizing fullerenes : The first regioselective polyhydrogenation of [60]fullerene has been achieved.

Giving color to data recording : Upon irradiation with selected wavelengths of light the hexane solution of a fused dithienylethene derivative changes from colorless to yellow, green, black, or blue depending on the wavelength, and irradiation time see picture. This could be a landmark in the development of new data recording materials.

Action and reaction : Implementation of molecular recognition centers into flexible elastomers allows selective recognition processes to be translated into fully reversible macroscopic motions for the first time see scheme. The expansion and contraction of the polymers depends both on the effector binding energy and the pH value. New network : A framework topology that has not been observed previously was discovered in oxonitridophosphates.

Are you interested in out-of-equilibrium self-assembly, chemical networks and chemical ensembles with emergent properties, such as movement, communication and collective behaviour, working together in minimal metabolisms, artificial cells and self-synthesising chemical factories? Padaruth, Sookhenlall Principals' perceptions and experiences of physical education teacher evaluation: A case study.

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Ringelberg, Josiah M Mergers and acquisitions in food and agribusiness: Returns, drivers, and long run performance. Ritelli, Guido Francesco Active oscillation reduction in hydraulic load handling machines with energy implications. Rivera Alvarado, Daniela Towards a software development methodology for projects in higher education institutions.

Robinson-Junker, Amanda L The impact of sleep disruption on mouse physiology, behavior, and welfare. Robison, Jeremy Patrick Transportation and power solutions for Africa: The assessment and optimization of the Purdue utility platform. Rocha, Jonathan Secondary atomization of inelastic non-newtonian liquid drops in the bag and multimode regimes. Roe, Kirsten E Tolerance as a novel mechanism of Hessian fly control on wheat.

Ronald, Kelly L The role of individual variation in auditory and visual processing: Implications for mate choice. Rorick, Joseph D Cereal rye cover crop effects on soil physical and chemical properties in southeastern Indiana. Ross, Monique S A unicorn's tale: Examining the experiences of Black women in engineering industry. Roth, Katie E Automating stem learning by engaging in artful-inspired play.

Ruemler, Shawn P Analyzing the opinion of industry professionals on model-based definition datasets to determine the most efficient method. Rupp, Kortney Kaye Polymerizable lipids for controlled functionalization of layered materials. Ryan, Valerie E Recombinant Listeria adhesion protein expressing probiotics protect against Listeria monocytogenes infection in animal models. Rybarczyk, Ryan Thomas Managing trust and reliability for indoor tracking systems. Rynearson, Anastasia M From mechanic to designer: Evolving perceptions of elementary students over three years of engineering instruction.

Sadasivam, Sridhar Atomistic and mesoscopic simulations of heat transfer across heterogeneous material interfaces. Saef, Rachel M Trust as a regulated response to cultural diversity at work: The moderating role of openness to experience. Saini, Amit K Emission control in rotary kiln limestone calcination using Petri net models. Salazar, Ramon Investigation of transport, capacitance, and high-accuracy modeling aspects in low-dimensional devices for tunneling applications. Salem, Salma Innovative novel immunotherapies for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme.

Saltaformaggio, Brendan D Convicted by memory: Automatically recovering spatial-temporal evidence from memory images. Sanchez, Bridget Mindfulness-based group training with Latino immigrant community. Sanchez Cossio, William Fernando Exploratory study of students' representational fluency and competence of electric circuits.

Sanchez, Fernando Technical communication in place-making professions: Exploring the network pictures of urban designers. Sandupatla, Hareesh Using reinforcement learning to learn relevance ranking of search queries. Sarangi, Suchismita Characterization of pool boiling heat transfer from porous-coating-enhanced surfaces. Sarbada, Shashank Ultra short pulse laser surface modification. Satta, Mark R A defense of the ambiguity theory of 'knows'. Savage, Melissa N Comparing direct and technology-based praise statements to increase physical activity for students with autism spectrum disorder.

Saxena, Arush Usability of real time data for cold chain monitoring systems. Sayin, Ridade Mechanistic studies of twin screw granulation. Scalco de Vasconcelos, Luize High-throughput mechanical characterization methods for composite electrodes and in-situ analysis of Li-ion batteries. Schartz, Nicole Denise A role for the classical complement pathway in hippocampal dendritic injury and hippocampal dependent memory deficits in a model of acquired epilepsy. Scherer, Andrea K High school students' motivations and views of agriculture and agricultural careers upon completion of a pre-college program.

Schmitt, Paul D Coupling qualitative and quantitative analyses of pharmaceutical materials enabled by second harmonic generation microscopy. Schwanz, Derek K. W Solution based processing of garnet type oxides for optimized lithium-ion transport. Sedberry, Tiffany M Woman, teacher, mother, scholar: Using narrative inquiry and intimate insider research to explore women's navigation of multiple identities in graduate school.

Sego, Timothy James Finite element analysis of and multiscale skeletal tissue mechanics concerning a single dental implant site. Segura, Jason Michael Investigating the effects of pH on alphaviral E3-E2 glycoprotein association, organization, and cellular tropism. Selmane, Tesnime Nonword repetition and phonological awareness skills in preschoolers with and without speech sound disorders. Seo, Yeongkyo Spin-transfer-torque STT devices for on-chip memory and their applications to low-standby power systems. Shah, Chandni D South Asian women's sexual relationship power: Examining the role of sexism, cultural values conflict, discrimination, and social support.

Shah, Ishita Viren Comparison of stakeholder management and change management factors in managing successful versus unsuccessful it projects. Shanbhag, Sunanda Vivek A faster version of Louvain method for community detection for efficient modeling and analytics of cyber systems. Shao, Gang Quantification of central hardwood forest structure and aboveground biomass with low-density airborne lidar data.

Shashaani, Sara Adaptive sampling trust-region methods for derivative-based and derivative-free simulation optimization problems. Shen, Dan Hybrid wind-solar-storage energy harvesting systems. Shen, Yanfei Design, compact modeling and characterization of nanoscale devices.

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Shi, Hu Investigation of methods for reducing aflatoxin contamination in distillers grains. Shin, Sang Mi Semantic knowledge-based language education device for children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities. Shively, Kurt Spencer Implementation of the continuous space language model on a heterogeneous mobile processor. Shollar, Zachary Frank Scaling effects of a graphene field effect transistor for radiation detection.

Short, Cody R Flow-informed strategies for trajectory design and analysis. Shulkin, Ilya Early bearing fault analysis using high frequency enveloping techniques. Shvidko, Elena Relationship-building through embodied feedback: Teacher-student alignment in writing conferences. Sick, Justin T Ultrasound and photoacoustic methods for anatomic and functional imaging in image guided radiation therapy. Sills, Ellery Emerging genres, dangerous classifications: The kairos of digital composing policy. Sims, Bryan Thomas Plutonium disposition by gas dynamic trap. Sims, Rebekah Elizabeth To see in a mirror dimly: An ecology of ritual transmission.

Singh, Shubham Applications of the homotopy analysis method to optimal control problems. Singla, Ankush Hardware accelerated authentication system for dynamic time-critical networks. Smith, Ian Tad Targeted products from fast-hydropyrolysis and hydrodeoxygenation of biomass. Smith, Nicholas G Terrestrial vegetation in the Earth system. Smith, Ryan R Effects of the urban matrix on avian assemblages in forest fragments. Smith, Stephen I Navigating stress in public education: A personal reflection and narrative study of my closest relationships in teaching.

Snitko, Jessica R Millennial matchmaker or just a game? The uses and gratifications of Tinder. Snyder, Julia L Investigations on the vampire moth genus Calyptra Ochsenheimer, incorporating taxonomy, life history, and bioinformatics Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Calpinae. Sohn, Jayoung Demand uncertainty and investment in the restaurant industry. Sommer, Carl Visual detail and its effects on character attachment in video games. Sommer, Drew E Constitutive modeling of the rheological behavior of platelet suspensions. Song, Cheng Seismic assessment of vulnerable reinforced concrete structures.

Song, Tao A sharp interface isogeometric strategy for moving boundary problems. Song, Yuankun Using ubiquitous data to improve smartwatches' context awareness. Song, Yunfan E-commerce mental models of upper middle class Chinese female consumers in Beijing. Song, Zhuonan Measuring mashup similarity in open data innovation contests. Southwell, Kenona H The role of workplace supervisor support in caregivers' marital relationships. Soverns, Christopher S Consonant discrimination in the inferior colliculus of young and aged rats.

Sparks, Rachel E Mapping and analyzing energy use and efficiency in a modified hydroponic shipping container. Wats in Indiana. Specht, Aaron James X-ray fluorescence for quantification of lead and strontium in vivo. Spells, Angelitta M Risks and health consequences of forgoing, delaying, or having trouble accessing needed health care among Medicare beneficiaries.

Spence, Tyler An evaluation of noise reduction strategies at large commercial airports in the United States: A policy analysis and framework classification. Srinivasan, Mithun Investigation of thin film thermal transport using micro-Raman thermometry and tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Stadig, Margaret Hutton Lower food web dynamics in lakes Michigan and Huron: Spatial and temporal responses to recent oligotrophication. Stafford, Joshua J The effect of trait death anxiety on job involvement, organizational citizenship behavior, and turnover intentions in low mortality cue jobs.

Stanish, Natalie A Family structures as predictors of attachment security: The relationship between parental attachment security and romantic attachment security in stepfamilies and intact families. Stavitzke, Kenneth G Warhol's transgender superstars: A materialist examination of the body in cinematic text. Steiner, Colton D Design, fabrication, and characterization of acoustic metamaterials with embedded resonators. John, Jason R A small-scale testbed for large-scale reliable computing.

Strange, Nathan J Analytical methods for gravity-assist tour design. Strantz, Adam W Wayfinding localized research practices through mobile technology. Stratton, James A An analysis of the current strength of the academic relationship with the aerospace industry. Strauss, Kevin Metal-promoted self-assembly of collagen mimetic peptides into biofunctional scaffolds for stem cell delivery with the aim of tissue regeneration.

Sturgess, Jessica N Saying the world anew: A philosophical understanding of communication as testimony. Sturtevant, Hannah G Design, implementation, and evaluation of a hybrid scale-up model for general chemistry courses. Stutzman, Sarah U. Subramanian, Subashini Modeling the impact of land surface feedbacks on post landfall tropical cyclones. Sudhakaran, Saurabh Potential energy savings and benefits to thermal comfort from the effective use of window blinds.

Su, Dong Differentially private data publishing for data analysis. Suelzer, Joseph S Double optical feedback and PT-symmetry breaking induced nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers. Suksangpanya, Nobphadon Fracture analysis in biomimetic Bouligand architectures. Sullivan, Brendan T Characterization of Cu-rich aggregates in neurogenic niches of the rodent brain by X-ray fluorescence microscopy. Sun, Bo Nanoparticle depot for intraperitoneal chemotherapy of ovarian cancer.

Sundaram, Mekala The role of seed attributes in eastern gray squirrel foraging. Sundarrajan, Anusha Hydration and vocal loading on voice measures. Sun, Deke Jet energy loss in quark-gluon plasma. Sung, Hyun Axonal transport and life cycle of mitochondria in Parkinson's disease model. Sun, Hao Dynamic holography in semiconductors and biomedical optics. Sun, Shanxia Behavioral responses and policy evaluation: Revisiting water and fuel policies. Suryanarayana, Harish Design paradigm for power electronics based DC distribution systems.

Su, Yuan Direct drug screening and lipid profiling using ambient mass spectrometry. Su, Yu-Chi Design of elastic metamaterials.

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Present yourself in a professional manner, through your actions, your words, and how you dress. It has been established that elements such as K and Cl that are present as ions are mobilized by aqueous fixation media and are rapidly redistributed and leached from biological samples. Utilitarian Situations. Copper is in many ways the ultimate nutrient despite also being one of the simplest and most effective of germ-killers. The NDC being billed.

Svaldi, Diana Otero Characterizing the effects of repetitive head trauma in female soccer athletes for prevention of mild traumatic brain injury. Swaminathan, Shrikant Modeling picking on pharmaceutical tablets. Swanson, LaTasha R The graphic side of fear: The effects of anti-tobacco graphic threat appeals. Swaroop, Kshitiz Automatic differentiation using vectorized hyper dual numbers. Sweeney, Cameron J Characterization of a hypersonic quiet wind tunnel nozzle. Swift, S. Hales Implementing and testing a panel-based method for modeling acoustic scattering from CFD input. Swisher, Melissa Jane Reflexivity: A first demonstration.

Symithe, Steeve J Present day plate boundary deformation in the Caribbean and crustal deformation on southern Haiti. Szwed, Kathryn L Self-regulation to practice: Incorporating the strategy to an early childhood special education setting. Tabares Tamayo, Juan D The influence of alkalinity of portland cement on the absorption characteristics of superabsorbent polymers SAP for use in internally cured concrete. Tang, Chuohao Clustered-dot periodic halftone screen design and ICC profile color table compression. Tang, Mingjie Efficient processing of similarity queries with applications.

Tan, Jing Estimating the water quality condition of river and lake water in the Midwestern United States from its spectral characteristics. Tanu, Tanu High sensitivity nanotechnology gas sensing device. Tanvir, Saad Physical properties, evaporation and combustion characteristics of nanofluid-type fuels.

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Tan, Yaohua Tight binding parameterization from ab-initio calculations and its applications. Tan, Yu-Yang Kenneth Seeking interdependence: Commitment desirability and the initiation and maintenance of close relationships. Tao, Fei Effect of temperature on deep lined circular tunnels in isotropic and transversely anisotropic elastic ground. Taw, Matthew R Linking nanoscale mechanical behavior to bulk physical properties and phenomena of energetic materials. Taylor, Alexander Harrison Test cell set-up to enable drive-cycle testing of a variable valve actuation enabled camless diesel engine.

Taylor, Ashley D Temporal trends and influence of habitat on freshwater mussel communities within Cedar Creek, Indiana. Terheide, Donald B Utilizing the Signaling Theory in order to enhance minority recruitment in law enforcement. Tezeller Arik, Beril An autoethnographic study of identity and literacy development in a second language: A rendition of an international graduate student's travails.

Thackston, Kyle A Optimization of wireless power networks for biomedical applications. Thamann, Aubrey Crossroads: An interdisciplinary study of funeral directors in Indiana. Thangamani, Shankar Repurposing non-antimicrobial drugs to treat multi-drug resistant bacterial and fungal infections. Thneibat, Mujahed M Policy design tool for managing indoor residential water demand in water-scarce regions. Tholeti, Siva Sashank Particle modeling of non-equilibrium field emission driven RF microplasmas. Thomas, Brianna S. Dillon Localization and delocalization in two-dimensional quantum percolation.

Thomas, D'Shawn G Assessing the performance of a soy methyl ester -polystyrene topical treatment to extend the service life of concrete structures. Thomas, Michael Evan The impact of practicing in a rural setting on ethical decision-making for clinically practicing mental health service providers. Thomas, Suneeta The case of the "innocuous" middle-class migrant employee: English language use and attitudes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thompson, Matthew An inside-out approach to nuclear mechanics: Genetic engineering of an in vitro laminopathy model. Tian, Yu Rutting evaluation of full-depth flexible pavement using accelerated pavement testing.

Tometich, Danielle B Symptom severity and importance in metastatic breast cancer patients: an examination of cognitive complaints and related symptoms. Toner, Nathan L Data driven low-bandwidth intelligent control of a jet engine combustor. Tong, Xiaosu Divide and recombined for large complex data: Nonparametric-regression modelling of spatial and seasonal-temporal time series.

Torres Bravo, Ariana P Three essays analyzing the role of social capital on individual and firm decision making. Torres Martinez, Lorena Evolutionary potential of a dispersal-restricted species in response to climate change. Totty, Evan S Essays in labor economics and panel data analysis. Touza, Kaitlin Kyna Intensive treatment near the end of life in advanced cancer patients. Traverso, Luis M Optical sub-diffraction limited focusing for confined heating and lithography.

Trembath, Felicia E Evaluating the prevalence and effectiveness of breed-specific legislation. TruongVo, ThucNhi Application of pulse width modulation to a western blotting device. Tuholski, Andrew D Understanding the formation of American mental health policy preferences, Tuncil, Yunus Emre Complex glycan utilization preferences of human gut bacteria. Tung, Chun-Yu Immune modulating functions by soypeptide lunasin in cancer immunotherapy. Undupitiya Gamage, Dimuthu QoS and trust prediction framework for composed distributed systems.

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YOURS CUPRICALLY (Exploring the Bio-edge Book 8) eBook: Robin and the Honey Badger: Kindle Store. Best ebook you should read is Yours Cuprically (exploring The Bio Edge Book 8) (english Edition). We are promise you will like the Yours Cuprically (exploring.

Upadhyay, Harshal Adaptive gravity-balancing arm systems. Uzunoglu, Aytekin Nanoparticle-based electrochemical sensors for the detection of lactate and hydrogen peroxide. Vaidya, Abhishek B Unsupervised learning framework for large-scale flight data analysis of cockpit human machine interaction issues. Valone, Marianne C Effect of humidity on the creep response of cellulose nanocrystals films.

VanArsdall, Joshua Edward Exploring animacy as a mnemonic dimension. Corn Belt, Vasudevan, Varun A Best rank-1 approximations without orthogonal invariance for the 1-norm. Vaughn, Brian J Novel gain enhancement technique for microstrip patch antennas based on multi-pronged feed network synthesis. Vaught, James A Cryptographic applications of permutation polynomials.

Vaziri, Baback Markov-based ranking methods. Velasquez Moreno, Carmen G Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance patterns of Salmonella isolated from poultry farms. Venkataramani, Swagath Approximate computing: An integrated cross-layer framework. Verma, Devendra Interfacial mechanical strength characterization in multilayered materials via nanoscale impact and nano mechanical Raman spectroscopy experiments. Vesely, Laurent W After the honeymoon: The Obama effect on political attitudes and participation. Vian, Wei D On the grain refinement of aluminum alloys.

Vieira, Camilo Students' explanations in complex learning of disciplinary programming. Vielma Delano, Sofia Katherina An economic assessment of household unwanted medicine disposal programs. Villegas Pico, Hugo Nestor Advances to the dynamic analysis of power converter-based systems under uncertainty: A reachability approach. Vinogradova, Zoia Motivational orientations of American and Russian learners of French as a foreign language.

Vize, Colin Edward Untangling the relationship between narcissistic traits and behavioral aggression using a FFM framework. Vora, Ashish P Modeling the impact of battery degradation within lifecycle cost based design optimization of heavy-duty hybrid electric vehicles. Wahab, Abdul MD. Walala, Micah A cross-sectional and mixed-method assessment of safety culture and safety climate at a regional airline.

Walker, William S. Wallace, Carlington W Simulation of conservation practice effects on water quality under current and future climate scenarios. Wallach, Kit Simple domestics. Wallin, Jonathan Scott An ecology of place in composition studies. Walsh, Patrick S Single-conformation spectroscopy of hydrogen bonding networks: Solvation, synthetic foldamers, and neurodegenerative diseases. Walters, Wendell William Unraveling the fingerprints of NOx using stable isotopes: Implications for NOx source partitioning and oxidation chemistry.

Wang, Anran User acceptance barriers for warehouse environment mobile wireless technology. Wang, Dan The application of the Hadoop software framework in Bioinformatics programs. Wang, Erzhuo Interaction effect of manager's implicit person theory and perceived performance management purpose on their commitment to performance management. Wang, Fa The mechanism of vitamin D mediated protection from experimental colitis.

Wang, Guanyi Experimental study on interfacial area transport in downward two-phase flow. Wang, Jiachen Multigraph visualization for feature classification of brain network data. Wang, Jianyu Three problems in image analysis and rendering: Local defect detection, semantically-based 2. Wang, Jiaqi A usability assessment for a career planning educational video game. Wang, Pei-Hsun On-chip microresonator frequency combs: Generation dynamics, power transfer, and time-domain characterization. Wang, Qiaoying Enhancing the campus experience: Helping international students to adapt to North American campus life.

Wang, Su-Ju Ultracold quantum scattering in the presence of synthetic spin-orbit coupling. Wang, Xiao Fast voxel line update for time-space image reconstruction. Wang, Xiaowo Multi-scale computational framework for simulation of cellular solids. Wang, Yan Multiscale simulations of thermal transport in graphene-based materials and across metal-semiconductor interfaces. Wang, Yanchu Tail risk in international markets.

Wang, Zhiyan Fundamental studies of flame propagation in lean-burn natural gas engines. Wan, Qiaoqiao The role of mechanical loading in chondrocyte signaling pathways. Warrix, Adam R Management of remnant prairie ecosystems: Soil transfer, fire, and exotic species invasion. Waters, Joseph M Exploring problematic online gaming: A qualitative approach. Watkins, Lauren E Densified collagen-fibril biomaterials for bone tissue engineering.

Waziri, Ibrahim M. Weeden, George S. Wheeler, Robin E Targeted metabolomics on the shikimate and aromatic amino acid biosynthetic pathways. White, Joshua D The epistemology of enculturation. Williams, Joseph Trajectory optimization using indirect methods and parametric scramjet cycle analysis. Williams, Natasha D African American acculturation as a mediator between childhood disciplinary experience and conflict management in adult romantic relationships. Winzeler, Hans Edwin An examination of geographic patterns of soil climate and its classification in the U.

Wirbisky, Sara Elizabeth Developmental origins of neuroendocrine dysfunction associated with an embryonic atrazine exposure. Wleklinski, Michael Preparative mass spectrometry applications in nanomaterials and organic synthesis. Wood, Mitchell A Energy transfer and localization in molecular crystals. Wood, Paul Improving the resilience of cyber-physical systems under strategic adversaries. Woods, Daniel C On the use of mechanical and acoustical excitations for selective heat generation in polymer-bonded energetic materials.

Wood, Tyler C Influence of instream habitat, water quality, and crayfish density on injury frequency in crayfish of Midwestern channelized headwater streams. Wright, Kyle J Synthesis and performance of novel supramolecular tools for single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy and drug and gene delivery.

Wu, Min Studies of sulfur-based cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries. Wu, Xi Antimicrobial activity of natural and mutant variants of free and immobilized antimicrobial peptides against Listeria and E. Wu, Yumeng Command shaping with constrained peak input acceleration to minimize residual vibration in a flexible-joint robot. Xavier, Alencar Learning from data: Plant breeding applications of machine learning.

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Xiao, Min Nutrient runoff and leachate after land-application of digestate in a laboratory study using rainfall simulations. Xie, Tian Improved amorphous solid dispersion performance using binary polymer combinations. Xie, Yuesong Phase field modeling of the defect evolution and failure. Xue, Pengcheng The relationship between protein and phosphorus digestion and retention in growing pigs and broiler chickens. Xu, Lingshan Two-particle correlation studies in heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. Xu, Shang A platform for otakus to gradually learn and adapt to social conventions.

Yadav, Shankar Modeling the impacts of movement restriction in classical swine fever outbreak control in Indiana.

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Yanardag Delul, Pinar Information overload in structured data. Yan, Feifei The effects of dietary probiotic inclusion on skeletal health of poultry and its possible mechanisms. Yang, Ruiman Economic development impacts of transportation system management and operations strategies. Yang, Shih-Feng An event detection approach based on Twitter hashtags. Yang, Wei VHF lumped-element reconfigurable filters design and applications in field-programmable filter array. Yang, Weining Improving the Eco-system of Passwords. Yang, Yang Development of novel design and control approaches for integrated crystallization operation and systems.

Yan, Hui Mechanistic insight into the role of dietary fibers and short chain fatty acids in the regulation of metabolism and inflammation in the pig. Yan, Jin Matrix-free time-domain methods for general electromagnetic analysis. Yao, Sijia Twentieth-century ideas of love in D. Lawrence and Eileen Chang.

Yeum, Chul Min Computer vision-based structural assessment exploiting large volumes of images. Yim, Arnold H Homological properties of determinantal arrangements. Yoon, Ho Jung Two essays on pharmaceutical marketing. Yoo, Yeon Joo Strategies to tackle ill-posed inverse problems in biological systems. Youn, Song-Yi Connecting through smartphones: Cognitive, social, emotional motivations, and the experience of value perceptions.

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Yue, Cen Strategic public relations management in China. Yu, Guimei Affinity cryo-electron microscopy: Methods development and applications. Yu, Haonan Grounding language in video. Yu, Tianqi A case study of two-echelon multi-depot vehicle routing problem. Yu, Tong Quantifying the global N2O emissions from natural ecosystems using a mechanistically-based biogeochemistry model.

Yu, Yawen A study of the color selection workflow of web design students. Zhang, Cong Writing their way to the university: An investigation of Chinese high school students' preparation for writing in English in high schools, cram schools, and online. Zhang, Hanyin Characterization of tensile, creep, and fatigue properties of 3D printed Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Zhang, Hanyu Photoelectrochemical and photophysical studies of carbon nanotube and molybdenum disulfide based light harvesting devices.

Zhang, Jia An investigation of print quality defects: Psychophysical evaluation of content masking, development of web-based troubleshooting tools, and analysis of sharp roller bands. Zhang, Qian Threonine requirement and its effect on intestinal defense mechanisms in poultry. Zhang, Ruoyang Exploring the phenomenon of Chinese babymoon tourism. Zhang, Xiaohang Cook blind: Enhancing cooking experiences for visually-impaired people. Zhang, Zhibo Developing condition-based triggers for bridge deck maintenance and rehabilitation treatments.

Zhang, Zixu Metrics of critical pair identification. Zhao, Huixi Combining Markov random field and marked point process for microscopy image modeling. Zhao, Xiaojun Forest industry byproducts improve soil quality and increase pepper growth in three soils infested with Phythophthora blight. Zhao, Yingcan Reactions of graphene oxide and buckminsterfullerene in the aquatic environment. Zhao, Yumeng Effect of different tempering methods on sorghum milling.