La Morte della Morte (Italian Edition)

Ossi di Morto (Bones of the Dead)
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See a translation of one of the printed forms. After Napoleonic law required that the marriage ceremony be performed first by a civil authority and then, if desired, by a church authority. It was then recorded in the civil records. At first, some people resisted this law and had their marriages performed by church authority only. Later when it became legally necessary for their children to be recognized as legitimate, a civil ceremony was performed.

In rare cases, you may find a marriage record for a couple in their 50s who were actually married 30 years earlier. In most cases you may find marriages recorded in both civil and church records. Marriages were usually performed and recorded where the bride lived. In some provinces, these records date from or from The early civil marriage records may include more information than the church records.

When available, search both the civil and church records of marriage. If you believe a marriage took place but cannot find a record of the marriage, search records of intent to marry. Marriage Banns [ pubblicazioni, notificazioni, memorandum ]. Proclamation, allegations, or banns [ notificazioni, pubblicazioni, memorandum ]. These notifications were made a few weeks before a couple planned to marry.

The couple may have been required to announce their intended marriage to give other community members the opportunity to raise any objections to the marriage. If one member of the bridal party lived elsewhere, banns were posted in that community also. If you know that a marriage took place but cannot find it in the marriage records of the community, search the marriage banns. It may be posted there and lead you to the community where the marriage actually took place. Supporting documents [ processetti or allegati ]. These documents were often filed by the bride and groom in support of their intent or "solemn promise" to marry.

The names of former spouses and their death dates are also provided. Certificates [ certificati ]. The individual who performed the ceremony or the civil office where the ceremony was recorded may have given the couple a certificate of marriage. This may be in the possession of the family, and the civil registrar may have copies.

Usually, however, when writing for information and requesting a certificate, you will receive only a transcription of the most pertinent information. Extracts [ estratti ] will give you the complete information. Marriage registers [ registri dei matrimoni ]. Civil officials recorded the marriages they performed in registers, usually preprinted forms bound in a book and kept in the civil office.

Marriage registers give the date of the marriage and the names of the bride and groom. They also indicate whether the bride and groom were single or widowed and give the names of witnesses. They often include other information about the bride and groom, such as age, birthplace, residence, occupation, name of person giving consent, and names of parents. In cases of second and later marriages, the marriage registers may include the names of previous spouses and their death dates.

The registers usually include the date of the church ceremony. There are two types of printed forms found when researching Italian civiil marriages. The first is a "solemn promise" to marry - a document created when a couple appeared at the city offices and promised they would marry one another the banns had already been posted by this time. This document is usually found in pre-unification records The second is a post-unification record and is the actual marriage document.

See translations of these pre-printed forms.

Before divorces were illegal in Italy. Divorce records are not open to the public. The Family History Library does not have any Italian divorce records. Civil death records often exist for individuals for whom there are no birth or marriage records. Deaths were usually registered within a day of the death in the town or city where the person died. They usually provide the names of spouses and parents and whether or not they were still living. Stillbirths are recorded in separate registers entitled nato morto. In later records they are included in the allegati.

They were not recorded in either the birth or death records. If an infant died within hours after birth, the birth and death records should both be found. What have you been doing? Tell us! I have slit a boar's throat. What have you done? I'm thinking of a steersman's wife who chased me to the devil, but her husband has set sail and I'll drown him with his ship.

I shall give you the north wind. I shall raise the waves. I shall drag it across the shallows. Drumming is heard ALL: A drum! What can it be? Macbeth is coming. He is here. They group together and dance in a ring. The wandering sisters Fly through the air, sail over the waves, they bind a circle through land and sea. Di questo mondo O d'altra regione? Dirvi donne vorrei, ma lo mi vieta Quella sordida barba. Salve, o Macbetto, di Glamis sire! Salve, o Macbetto, di Caudor sire! Salve, o Macbetto, di Scozia re! Men sarai di Macbetto eppur maggiore! Non re, ma di monarchi genitore!

Banco e Macbetto vivano! Are you from this world or from some other place? I should call you women, but your filthy beards prevent me. Hail, Macbeth, Thane of Glamis! Hail, Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor! Hail, Macbeth, King of Scotland! You will be lesser than Macbeth and yet greater! Not so happy as he, but happier! Not king, but the father of kings! Long live Banquo and Macbeth! Il tuo signore Sir t'elesse di Caudore.

Mi si promette dal terzo un trono. Pensier di sangue, d'onde sei nato? Struck down by the law he has died on the block. The third promises me a crown. But why do I feel my hair standing on end? Where has this thought of blood come from? Fate offers me a crown which I will not stretch out my hand to snatch. Why does he show no pleasure?

All leave. S'allontanarono, - fuggiam! Fuggiam, fuggiam! We shall come together again when we hear the crash of thunder. They have gone.

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Let us go. We await destiny's fulfilment amid the witches'sabbath. Macbeth will return, we shall see him there and our oracle will speak to him. Let us go!

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They leave. Atrio nel castello di Macbeth che mette in altre stanze. Lady Macbeth leggendo una lettera. Lady Macbeth reading a letter. Stupito io n'era per le udite cose; Quando i nunzi del Re mi salutaro Sir di Caudore, vaticinio uscito Dalle veggenti stesse Che predissero un serto al capo mio. Racchiudi in cor questo segreto. Alla grandezza aneli, Ma sarai tu malvagio? Vieni t'affretta! Accendere Ti vo' quel freddo core! Che tardi? Accetta il dono, Ascendivi a regnar. I was stunned at what I heard; when the King's messengers hailed me Thane of Cawdor, it fulfilled a prophecy those seers had made.

They also predicted a crown for my head. Keep this secret in your heart. You long for greatness, but will you be wicked enough? The road to power is filled with crimes, and woe to him who sets an uncertain foot upon it and retreats! I wish to light a fire in your cold heart! I shall give you the courage to carry out this bold undertaking. The prophetesses promise you the throne of Scotland. Why delay? Accept the gift, mount the throne and reign.

Il servo parte. Is Macbeth with him? My lady, the news is certain. The servant goes out. Qui la notte? Or tutti sorgete, ministri infernali, Che al sangue incorate, spingete i mortali! Tu, notte, ne avvolgi di tenebre immota. Qual petto percota non vegga il pugnal.

Spend the night here? Arise, all the agents of hell that rouse mortals to bloody acts! Night, wrap us In motionless darkness. Do not let the knife see The breast which it strikes. Lieto or lo vieni ad incontrar con me. Sounds of celebration are heard. The King! Now come and greet him cheerfully with me. They go out. Musica villereccia, la quale avanzandosi a poco a poco annuncia l'arrivo del Re.

Sounds of folk-like music are heard, coming nearer, announcing the arrival of the king. The servant leaves. L'elsa a me volta?


Se larva non dei tu, ch'io ti brandisca. Mi sfuggi, eppur ti veggo! A me precorri Sul conuso cammin che nella mente Di seguir disegnava! Orrenda imago! Solco sanguigno la tua lama irriga! Ma nulla esiste ancor. Odesi un tocco di campana E' deciso. Non udirlo, Duncano! E' squillo eterno Che nel cielo ti chiama o nell'inferno. Entra nelle stanze del Re.

Macbeth - Giuseppe Verdi - Libretto in Italian with translation in English -

The hilt turned to me? If you are not a dream, let me grasp you. You fly from me, and yet I can see you! You run ahead of me along the unclear path which my mind intended to follow! Horrid sight! The blade is streaked with blood! Only my bloody imagination gives it shape and presents a dream to my eyes as a reality. On one half of the world nature now is dead.

Now the murderer creeps like a phantom through the shadows. Now the witches consummate their secrets. Motionless earth! Stay hushed at my steps. A bell rings It is decided. That bell invites me! Do not hear it, Duncan. It is a knell That summons you to heaven or to hell. Oh, qual lamento! Risponde il gufo al suo lugubre addio!

Ah, that moaning!

The owl responds To his mournful farewell. La precedente, Macbeth stravolto con un pugnale in mano. Si avvicina a Lady e le dice sottovoce: Fatal mia donna! Il sonno per sempre, Glamis, uccidesti! Sei vano, o Macbetto, ma privo d'ardire: Glamis, a mezz'opra vacilli, t'arresti, Fanciul vanitoso, Caudore, tu se'.

Chi mai lo direbbe l'invitto che fu? Le sue guardie insanguinate. Che l'accusa in lor ricada. Strappa dalle mani di Macbeth il pugnale, ed entra nelle stanze del Re. My fated lady, did you not hear murmuring, as I did? What did you say a moment ago? God be with us always, they said. I wanted to say Amen but the rebellious word froze on my lips. Glamis, you have murdered sleep for ever. Cawdor, you will never sleep again. You are bold, Macbeth, but have no daring. You hesitate halfway, Glamis, and stop.

La morte della Ragione

Cawdor, you are a conceited child. Who would ever call him the unconquered man he was? Smear his guards with blood so that they will be accused. I cannot go back in! Si guarda le mani Oh! Questa mano! Non potrebbe l'Oceano Queste mani a me lavar! Looking at his hands Oh, this hand! The ocean could not wash my hands clean! Non ti vinca un vil timor.

Deh, sapessi, o Re trafitto, L'alto sonno a te spezzar! Parte trascinato da Lady. My hands are stained too. A sprinkle of water and they will be c1ean again.

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The deed too will pass into oblivion. They're knocking louder. We must remove all suspicion from the murderer. Be yourself, Macbeth. Have courage! Don't be defeated by fear. O murdered King, if only I could rouse you from your deep sleep. Lady Macbeth drags him off.

Romeo+Juliet - La morte di Mercuzio e Tebaldo (The death of Mercutio and Tybalt in italian)

Qui m'attendete, o Banco. Entra nella stanza del Re. Wait here for me, Banquo. He goes into the King's chamber. Per l'aer cieco lamentose voci, Voci s'udian di morte. Mourning voices were heard in the blind air, voices of death. The bird of ill omen moaned gloomily and the earth was felt to shake. Banco entra precipitoso nella stanza del Re Correte! Tutti accorrete! Oh delitto! I cannot say it! Banquo rushes into the King's chamber Hurry! Ho there! Everyone come here! O gran Dio, che ne' cuori penetri, Tu ne assisti, in te solo fidiamo; Da te lume, consiglio cerchiamo A squarciar delle tenebre il vel!

L'ira tua formidabile e pronta Colga l'empio, o fatal punitor; E vi stampi sul volto l'impronta Che stampasti sul primo uccisor. ALL: What is it? What has happened? ALL: Open your mouth, hell and swallow all creation in your womb. It's the interplay of personalities that keeps you reading. These are not just plot-drivers, shoehorned into a jigsaw-puzzle narrative.

They are individuals painted in convincing colours and their hopes and fears keep you tur For a graded reader, Cinzia Medaglia's story about a man who collapses during a marathon and is later discovered to have been murdered is surprisingly strong on character. They are individuals painted in convincing colours and their hopes and fears keep you turning the pages. Sep 10, Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: letto-in-italiano. Goo terse thriller in Italian set lots of local ambiance.

A murder occurs during a marathon, and a skeptical friend refuses to rest until the killer is discovered. You will see the end coming from a mile away see what I did there? But for an easy Italian reader, what were you ex A murder occurs during a marathon, and a skeptical friend refuses to rest until the killer is discovered. But for an easy Italian reader, what were you expecting?

Umberto Eco for Kids? What more could you ask for? Jan 11, Heidi rated it really liked it.

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The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason: Public domain Public domain false false This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus years or less. Usage on da. The records are arranged by year and are, for the most part, in alphabetical order by the name of each town. Profughi scozzesi, Uomini, Donne, Fanciulli. The couple may have been required to announce their intended marriage to give other community members the opportunity to raise any objections to the marriage. L'Ombra sparisce La vita riprendo!

Excellent for an Italian language learner. Jamie Marshall rated it liked it Sep 18, Emelie Capelli rated it liked it Oct 26, Jean Andruski rated it really liked it Sep 03, Tuncay rated it really liked it Feb 27, Natalie rated it liked it Apr 09, John L. Stefano MD rated it really liked it Apr 10, Andrea rated it it was amazing Aug 10, David Ferguson rated it really liked it Dec 12, Richard McMahon rated it liked it Jun 12, Rosana Quintero rated it it was amazing May 20, John Denton rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Anastasia rated it it was amazing May 07, Hilary rated it it was ok Feb 26,