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There are no missing pages and the binding is in near mint condition. There are visible no marks on the front or back of the book cover. There are two dings on the edge of the back cover. There is a slight bend on the top edge of the back cover. The roster includes their son Jeff, 34, their four daughters, Jennifer, 43, Michelle, 41, Stephanie, 40, and Amy, 29, their spouses and 13 grandchildren. How we need to build up their faith in life is a big ingredient. Faith and Business The life Roger lived after retiring from football in March of was a fast one. Years after retiring, he was still snapping up more than speaking engagements a year — passing on many others.

Until , he oversaw the operations of the Staubach Company, a commercial real estate firm he began in while he was still playing and that operated in numerous U. For fun and relaxation, he reads and watches sports. His daily Bible reading helps keep his Christian faith healthy. His own competitive drive came out during his weekly basketball workout that he had during the early days of his retirement, and his most consistent exercise was found in the Stair Master and the bike.

Staubach is color blind. God put it together in His infinite wisdom by sending His Son here. I believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and came back from the dead on Sunday to give us our salvation. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

Lamar Hunt came to our house. It was a Naval Academy program, then six months in school, and then to Vietnam, and then to Pensacola.

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The Ultimate Roger Staubach Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains well over pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this great NFL star. The ultimate roger staubach fun fact and trivia book. Learning curve a novel of silicon valley silicon valley quartet book 1. How to get started writing. Reading.

If you stay in, it is all your money after four years. So I had another bucks plus ten thousand dollars. I actually was committed that if I ever played football again, I would play for Dallas, and that was my obligation. What are your strongest memories from your services as a logistics officer in Vietnam? They were fighting in the northern sector of South Vietnam, and I was in the back for four months, and then I want down to Chi-Li and was in charge of all the shipping and receiving where all the ammunition supplies came in, and we would get it off to the Marine bases.

We were all together on the South China Sea, and we had a number of air bases there too.

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But my admiration for the Marines that I supported was phenomenal, since we had a hospital right there and these guys that were killed would be brought back. The he was shot and killed. So those kinds of episodes were there around me, and we had some classmates that were lost over there. It was a rough war, John, and as you can see is being brought out today, even when I got out, the Vietnam Veteran was not looked at favorably. We were part of the war and people were not happy with the war, and it was all protesting instead of supporting the troops who were doing what the country wanted them to do.

It became pretty negative. Even when I was with the Cowboys, I would be in battles with my teammates, kidding them in the locker room, and they would be giving me a hard time. This Navy Seal Warrior Games dinner in New York the other day was just packed, and it is critical since veterans have mental issues and physical issues, and if you do not have people supporting you when you get back, it just compounds the problem. But we still have to do more, and the VA is trying to do more, but there is a lot the private sector is helping with, especially the Wounded Warrior and the respect for the Military, which we did not see with Vietnam.

The Vietnam veterans today are out there supporting the troops. I was down at a hospital recently and this guy received a silver star, and he asked me to go into the auditorium when he was receiving it, and there was a ton of Vietnam veterans there supporting him. It is probably better today for the Vietnam veteran than it was when he was actually coming back to the U. The Vietnam War was just too much politics. We went in there with the idea that we were going to be welcomed, but were not ready for these IEDs.

There has got to be a balance between listening to the Military and having a civilian decision-making process. They are also famous people that I read about. I was in the Academy, and those that really devoted their time and most of their livelihood to the military are heroes of mine. I am at the Warrior Games reception, and these wounded warriors were coming up and I would take a picture and sign things. Rick came to my high school in because he was interested in talking to our center, Jerry Mopper, who was interested in the Naval Academy.

Rick was watching some film, and some of my coaches told him he needed to talk to the quarterback, so he called me out of class. I just took a liking to the Academy, and I was not sure what I wanted to do. I only played quarterback my senior in high school, so I was not sure where I was going, but I knew I wanted to play college football.

10 facts about Roger Staubach - fun and interesting Roger Staubach facts

I also wanted to play baseball, and wanted to get a good education. I liked the atmosphere of the Naval Academy and it just clicked. But Rick and a guy named Rick Kleinfeld, who was the scouting birddog in Cincinnati, took my parents and me up there. I just stayed with it and it was one of those things in life where you just make the decision, because I signed a letter of intent to go to a Big Ten school — Purdue. Also, Ohio State really went after me because I was a running quarterback, and Woody Hayes personally was after me, but I signed to go to Purdue because they had a passing game.

I was getting ready to go to Purdue, so I could not go to another Big Ten school, and that is when I decided at the last minute to go into the Navy. I really only played quarterback in my senior year in high school, since in my junior year I played all defense. So Navy came to me because I was still ready to go to Purdue that June, and then the Navy talked to me about going to New Mexico, where they were sending a bunch of guys, almost like a prep year.

Coach Ackerman came to see me in Cincinnati and told me the head coach is Bob Shaw, and we can have this wide-open offense.

I still was not sure what I wanted, so I chose to go to Roswell and then I would go directly to Navy the next year. So I had that one year, and we had a great junior college team. We were 9 and 1, one of the best junior colleges in the country, and we had about 10 to 12 Naval Academy guys, a few West Pointers and a few Air Force guys. That actually was one of the best things I ever did. So that is what really led me into the Naval Academy, and I stayed in touch with Rick through all that. We were big underdogs as the wild card team in the playoffs against Minnesota.

We had the last drive though, and Drew caught a couple of passes, one on 4th and 17 that got us the chance to throw the Hail Mary. I basically told everybody to block, and then Drew — a really great athlete, was against Nate Wright. So I pumped weak safety Paul Krause to the left, and when I threw it back the ball was a little under-thrown, and hit him around his head.

But Drew caught it and he was man-to-man on Nate Wright, who slipped. He goes into the end zone, and I got hit, so I did not even see him catch the ball. That was the first time it was ever used in the NFL. Before that, it was the Alley Oop, The Bomb or whatever.

Roger, I just ran across this article and noticed your mention of Captain Paul Borden. Congrats on all your success. Your email address will not be published.

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