Guns Dont Belong In School

Commentary: Should teachers be armed? No: Guns don’t belong on school campuses
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Teachers Are Educators, Not Mercenaries

By arming teachers, America will cause lasting damage in a society already rife with gun violence. It is not easy to write about gun violence and gun-related deaths in America. Even before the ink is dry, more shootings will bring more deaths somewhere in the country. As I wrote this article, the nation had to contend with the heartbreaking loss of the lives of three women at the hands of a gunman in the small town of Yountville , California.

Studies show a direct correlation between gun ownership and gun-related injuries and deaths. In an analysis of gun ownership across 50 US states, those with more guns tend to have more gun-related deaths. I have unequivocally stated that guns have no place in a civilized society, and that America has to engage in a debate on the relevance of the Second Amendment rather than gun control.

Tell Lawmakers: Guns DON'T Belong in Schools!

In the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School , it is alarming to see the dialogue shift toward the arming of teachers and school staff. He is not talking about soldiers or mercenaries, but about teachers. The president went as far as to suggest that teachers willing to carry guns should be paid bonuses.

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Maduro Survives Because of Russia and Cuba. While the shooter took the lives of 17 innocent people, the deputy, Scot Peterson, hid behind a wall outside of the building. Case in point: After we penned this editorial, and before we had a chance to publish it, eight students and two teachers were shot to death late last week by another crazed young man with a gun at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas. Commentary: Why free college could be costly. Submit Search.

As with any aspect of the gun debate, the nation is polarized on the topic of arming schoolteachers. While the bill has positive aspects, including raising the minimum age to purchase firearms, a three-day waiting period and restrictions on the sale of assault-style weapons, it also includes the provision to arm school teachers. The final scene will play out in the federal court where the NRA has filed a lawsuit contesting that the new Florida law violates the Second Amendment constitutional rights of people under the age of 21 to bear arms.

Schools are a place of learning.

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Guns don't belong in classrooms. That shouldn't be a controversial, in the Florida Legislature, a measure that would allow public. Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to give teachers guns. This proposal alone is ludicrous: It poses an obvious threat to school safety and it's certainly not a solution.

They are sacred institutions that impart knowledge to students. Teachers are referred to in Sanskrit as gurus. A guru is a revered mentor who enlightens the minds of students and molds their values. A guru dispels the darkness that is ignorance by guiding students to the path of knowledge and wisdom. It is inconceivable that the very fabric of what a place of learning ought to be is getting ripped apart by the ill-conceived ideas of the most pedestrian president America has seen in recent times. With school marshals, armed school staff and teachers, America will create an indelible image in the impressionable minds of its young learners that guns and violence they bring are a normal way of life.

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In the process of making violence the norm in society, America is failing in its duties as a nation to nurture its next generation. When are we finally going to be able to see past political differences to put the safety of kids, families and citizens first? At one point, I thought that things were going to change.

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After Sandy Hook I witnessed several campaigns and groups coming together to advocate for gun control. I truly believe that there are people who want to see a change, who want to witness a decrease in gun violence among the United States. So why is it so hard for that to happen? DeVos, as Senator Elizabeth Warren clearly stated, you are not a fit candidate for the position of Secretary of Education. Allowing guns in schools will only open up new possibilities for violence. I commend Senators Murphy and Warren for continuing to follow their values and saying what needed to be said.

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Do guns belong in our schools?