The Aware Saga

AWARE saga
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The AWARE Saga: Ten Years Later, What’s Changed?

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Aware has seen changes, such as measures to prevent any future hostile takeovers by members, following the saga which sparked a nationwide debate on issues such as the place of religion in civil society. The extraordinary general meeting held in May at Suntec City, where two-thirds of about 2, Aware members voted for a no-confidence motion on the new leadership spearheaded by Ms Josie Lau.

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It was the dramatic culmination of a clash between a group of religious individuals and members of the women's rights group. Yuen Sin.

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Foremost was how to manage its then-swollen base of around 3, members, many of whom joined only in the days leading up to the EGM. Lyons, L. Also this contestation should not have one conclude that one of the parties in the debate was intentionally lying in order to further a stealth politics. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The focus should now be on the latest exco. United States.

Like a supermassive black hole, the centralised government leaves an impression so large in the social fabric of Singapore that every individual, religious and secular group is sucked into the whorling orbit. These comments elucidate the three principles that govern the government cough cough on matters of religious sensitivity. Often, however, this manifests in the protection of non-secular religious considerations; this is because the government has a secular desire to maintain public order by not allowing religious groups to get too worked up over religious considerations, so it tacitly accedes to these beliefs.

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  • Dramatic culmination of a clash had left religious and cultural fault lines exposed.
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Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the government only chooses to intervene when any given conflict becomes a clash between different religions. This indicates that the government does not see a need to intervene on behalf of secular groups. In the case of the AWARE saga, perhaps the government feared that it was generating anti-Christian sentiment, and a possible resurgence of that sentiment amongst other religious groups, therefore decided to step in. At the time, many were confused as to why an unrelated group was name-dropped. At the same time, the matrix through which such interactions are taking place has changed radically: the increased proliferation of social media, online forums, and alternative media yours truly have allowed a greater diversity of voices to make themselves heard in the national conversation.

Rather, when given a platform, voices are easily wielded to undermine and weaken.

The AWARE Saga: Ten Years Later, What’s Changed?

In moving the national conversation forward, the most palpable lessons from the AWARE saga remain: disagree, but respect; argue, but seek consensus. Stray from the course, and kor kor will make sure to set you straight again. Have something to say about the story? Write to community ricemedia.

The AWARE Saga: Ten Years Later, What’s Changed?

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